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H2O Canoe Company: a Canadian Success Story!

H2O Canoe Company

For over 30 years we’ve retailed, rented, repaired, portaged, poked, prodded, and paddled just about every canoe manufacturers’ product in North America. This extensive research

H2O Canoe Companyhas led to a stirring conclusion:

H2O Canoe Company produces the finest quality, Canadian-made canoes we have ever been associated with!

Owner Jeff Hill uses only the finest lightweight materials, highest quality resins, and most innovative manufacturing techniques to produce a stunning line of Heritage, Modern, and Solo style canoes.

What’s New for 2016?

The introduction of the Epoxy Pro Series from H2O Canoe Company in 2015 allowed the company to focus on refining existing layups this season. Not only that, but for 2016 H2O is including two new construction types designed to meet the needs of those requiring an incredibly tough boat: the Great White North & Brute Force!

Great White North

Built with durability in mind, the Great White North layup consists of multiple layers of fiber including Kevlar, Innegra / Basalt, and Fiberglass with an outer and inner layer of gel-coat. Unlike most value-priced canoes that use cheap, inexpensive polyester resin, H2O uses a high-quality vinyl-ester resin to maximize the strength-to-weight ratio of this construction.

A great choice for the cottage with multiple users and varying skill levels, those who paddle in areas with rugged launches and rocky shores, and paddlers who desire an ultra-tough canoe that’s light on the pocket book!

The Great White North layup is limited to the following keeled models – Canadian 16/6, Pathfinder 16, Adventurer 16, Bob Special 15

Brute Force

The proven strength and lightweight of the Innegra / Basalt material led to one of the strongest layups available on the marketplace. The Brute Force layup consists of multiple layers of Innegra / Basalt bonded together with an infusion process using high-quality Core Shell Vinyl-ester Resin. Despite slightly heavier weights, the clear-coat outer means no gel-coat cracking and you get a boat that can handle the most extreme paddling conditions!

A great choice for adventure paddlers and small whitewater, those who demand a boat with a backbone, and folks that paddling in areas without maintained launches or portages.

The Epoxy Pro Series

H2O’s Epoxy Pro Series offer the lightest, toughest canoes on the planet!

These canoes combine the innovative light & durable Innegra fabric including Basalt with the proven strength & stiffness of Aramid (Kevlar) fibers and Carbon fibers. A stiff foam core completes the hull with H2O’s new skeletal rib re-enforcement placed along the walls.

To Learn more about H2O Canoe Company’s new Epoxy Pro series, Click Here!

What Sets H2O Apart

Canoe Designs

H2O Canoe Company offers a complete line of the finest Traditional (symmetrical) and Modern (asymmetrical) canoes, which are offered in tandem & solo designs. Whether it be a quality recreational canoe or premium tripping boat, each model has been carefully crafted and refined to offer paddlers the perfect boat for their unique needs.

Manufacturing Process

Dry Infusion is a vacuum process that allows H2O Canoe Company to obtain the optimum cloth to resin ratio. This manufacturing process produces the lightest possible weights with increased strength and durability. An additional step is taken in the Epoxy Pro & Ultralight Helium layups in that they are post cured in an oven to achieve maximum bondage and stiffness.

Quality Resins

Epoxy resin, the highest-quality resin on the market, is used exclusively in H2O’s Epoxy Pro & Ultralight Helium layups to produce the lightest weights while maintaining strength & durability.

Vinyl-ester resin, the second best resin available, is used in every other layup offed by H2O Canoe Company. Unlike Polyester resin, which most manufacturers use due to lower costs, Vinyl-ester resin helps reduce weight without sacrificing toughness or quality.

Integrated Composite Gunwales (ICG)

Epoxy Pro canoes come standard with a sophisticated ICG System, which consist of a Carbon/Kevlar/Foam Core inner gunwale and an Anodized Black Aluminum protective outer Gunwale. For additional support, seats are integrated into the side of the canoes to maximize strength and eliminate sway.

The end result is an aesthetically pleasing gunwale system that is 50% lighter, 50% stronger and 50% stiffer than traditional aluminum systems. All other layups can be upgraded to include the ICG with an additional $200 added to the boat’s MSRP.

Dry Storage & Instant Access

H2O Canoe Company are one of the select few that provides access to the bow & stern flotation tanks. Watertight, un-screwable lids offer convenient dry storage for electronics and other small gear items, and repairs are done easily should a puncture occur in one of the tanks. Offered as a custom upgrade for an additional $100 in the 2016 season.

As H2O’s largest and original dealer, all canoes at Frontenac Outfitters have been upgraded to offer float tank hatch covers at no charge to you!

Infused Foam Cored Hull

Many canoes have interior ribs throughout the hulls that are spaced approximately 6” apart. The space between create ‘rip and tear points’ when the hull receives an impact.

H2O Canoe Company use a smooth, one-piece diamond shaped core that has been saturated with resin. The infused foam core creates an incredibly stiff hull which disperses impacts equally throughout to minimize damage.

Combine this with H2O’s new Skeletal Rib Re-enforcement along the wall, and you’ve got arguably the strongest composite canoes in the world!

Giving Paddlers the Complete Package

The H2O Canoe Company manufactures an incredible line of innovative and stunningly beautiful canoes that has grown over the years. To celebrate their 10th Anniversary in 2015, H2O launched their Epoxy Pro Series to compliment their other 4 distinct lay-up choices. This means paddlers now have 6 unique options available to suit their individual needs whether it be a robust cottage boat or an ultralight tripping canoe.

H2O offers competitive price points and full range of layup choices including ultralight Carbon/Kevlar, impact-resistant Innegra/Basalt, and premium Kevlar options. To complete the package, Frontenac Outfitters adds a few extra goodies free to sweeten the deal!

H2O Canoe Company’s Construction Details: Click Here!

Come Paddle an H2O Canoe at Frontenac Outfitters

H2O Canoe Company incorporates a unique combination of great designs, varying layups with exquisite finishes, and best prices upfront. With that said, Frontenac Outfitters could not be more proud to be H2O’s Original & Largest Canoe Dealer.

But don’t just take our word for it; come visit us and test paddle an H2O canoe to experience the difference on the water!

H2O Canoe Company’s website: Click Here!

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