Dream of the Water

Dream of the Water

When you take a drop,

Think of the water when you search for sanity to keep. Swim in it, paddle over it or lay back and relax beside it.

Fishermen do it for sport and for leisure, with rod or a cane, and it is always in water they strive to be sane.

Wash with it, or mix it in paints, and then paint it to scene depicting

the feelings from inspiration you gain.

Sail on it or dive in it, or swim through it for sport, or do it as others who have rehabilitations of sort.

Mix it with drinks of some whisky and wine, and then sit down

with lover or friends when you dine.

Add some tea bags or beans of the coffee to flavour again, and drink more of the

Life-giving fluid for a refrain.

Now when you sleep, don’t dream of it or else you’ll feel wet, and be inclined to blame it on the household pet.

Live with it or play in it but use it with care,

As a clean source, is becoming so awfully rare.

Yes, Agua, Aqua, Water or Wasser or whatever name you wish to share,

Enjoy it as it is sent down from the heavens with flair.

Peter Köhl

July 24th, 2004

Poem influenced by Laurie Deene, of Vancouver BC,

Paddler and Poet