The Campfire Meal

The Campfire Meal

The Flicker of the flame was mesmerizing us again
while we sat around the crackling fireside

The flames licked at timber, which we tried to set ablaze
as we sat about in stupor and intoxicated haze,

Into smouldering embers we did gaze, while sitting by the edge of the campground lair
after dining like the night before, and finished by the waning light
on soup and sausage with cobs of corn, and a complimenting salad to the gourmet fare
we washed down the stir-fry, which was done just right,
with wine and beer and our faces were just glowing bright.

Of chefs we numbered three, with helpers jumping all about the tree,
we snacked on Nuts and Swiss chocolate bars sipping cups of Herbal Tea,
as we prepared our delicious feast, someone tossed some treats to the little chipmunks,
who carried it all away, to some hole in ground or caverns hidden all around.

At some point in our reverie, all decided that sleep made its plea
so we all traipsed our way to our canvas hotels.
For me to fall asleep, I had started counting sheep,
then when sleep had finally come, I was wakened by the constant beep,
Just as daylight was announced by the sunrays shining through
the curtains where they tried to cover the plastic window screen.

Now, as we pack up, preparing to depart
we wonder when the next time we’ll start,
for all of us to come together again
chancing for to camp, in the pouring rain.

A meal is always gourmet by the campfire side
Thus we plan another cross border ride.
BUT WHEN   ?????

Peter Köhl
Started: Saturday, September 4th, 2004
Completed:  Tuesday, November 16th, 2004