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H2O Brute Force Epoxy

The H2O Brute Force Epoxy lamination is built for the unforgiving paddler who demands a robust and resilient canoe.

There is only one option within this category making it a unique choice being that it is incredibly strong yet does not exceed 58 lbs. To help keep the weight down but strength up, canoes are constructed using strong, flexible epoxy resin along with multiple layers of Innegra / Basalt cloth. A clear-coat epoxy is applied to the exterior and interior in order to shed the pounds that come along with a fully gel-coated finished.

H2O Brute Force Epoxy: – MSRP $3495 / Avg. Weight: 45 lbs

The H2O Brute Force Epoxy layup gives paddlers a canoe that’s stronger than their old ‘beater Fiberglass boat’ with a substantial reduction in weight. Built using the same process as the Epoxy Pro Series, the Brute Force canoes are stiff, tough, and have an acceptable weight for most paddlers. Simply put, it’s the toughest canoes available of all H2O’s lamination!

This layup is ideal for tripping with rugged portages in areas with natural, rocky launching or docking points. Also a great choice for those wanting a robust boat without the extra weight found in a standard fiberglass build; for example, recreational paddlers or families with a variety of users, skilled or not so much…

Here’s what’s included during construction: H2O Brute Force Epoxy

  • Multiple exterior & interior layers of Innegra / Basalt with a sandwiched Fiberglass layer
  • Structural bilge & free board reinforcement with rigid closed cell foam core
  • UV repellent proprietary clear-coating on exterior that sheds up to eight pounds in weight
  • Lightweight, UV resistant interior coating over natural fabric
  • High impact resistant & flexible epoxy resin
  • Processed under dry infusion to consistently provide the ultimate resin-to-weight ratio

H2o Brute Force Epoxy canoes in this layup come standard with the following outfitting:

  • Anodized Aluminum Gunwales
  • ABS End Caps
  • Black Stained Poplar Webbed Seats, Thwart, and Hand Grips
  • Black Stained Poplar Deep Dish Portage Yoke
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Bow & Stern Flotation Chambers

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