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H2O Helium Canoes

The H2O Helium Canoes are aesthetically striking and lightweight, and have been made to feel as good on your shoulders as they do on the water.

Similar to the Epoxy Pro series, two choices are available within this category based on the paddlers need for light and stiff vs. light and durable. However, some noticeable differences come during the build process as the Helium canoes are built using vinylester resin and include a gel-coated finish to offer choice of colour. Integrated Composite Gunwales (ICG) remain standard as well as the dry infusion manufacturing technique.


H2O Helum Canoes: Carbon / Kevlar – MSRP $3595 / Avg. Weight: 42 lbs

The Helium Carbon / Kevlar layup combines the lightness. stiffness, and abrasion resistance of Carbon with the impact protection of Kevlar. The upper wall is finished with a clear coat epoxy to reduce weight, while the hull features a layer of gel-coat for added strength as well as colour choice.

The Carbon / Kevlar option is an ideal choice for those who require a light, stiff boat for tripping or long crossings but are willing eat a carry a few extra pounds in order to increase the hull strength. Also a great choice for those undergoing races or paddlers that might drag their canoe in and out of the water now and then.

Here’s what’s included during construction:H2O Helium Canoes

  • Combination of stiff Carbon fiber with resilient Kevlar fabric
  • Structural bilge & free-board reinforcement with rigid closed cell foam core
  • Lightweight, clear-coated carbon fiber upper exterior with marine-grade FX gel-coated hull – FX: Flex additive for greater impact resistance
  • Lightweight, UV resistant interior clear-coat over interwoven Carbon / Kevlar
  • High impact resistant & stiff vinylester resin
  • Processed under dry infusion to consistently provide the ultimate resin-to-weight ratio

H2O Helium Canoes in this layup come standard with following outfitting:

  • Integrated Composite Gunwale
  • ABS End Caps
  • Black Cherry Canted Webbed Seats, Thwart, and Hand Grips
  • Black Cherry Deep Dish Portage Yoke
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Bow & Stern Flotation Chambers

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