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Recreational Canoes are listed below. Each canoe offers a precise Frontenac Outfitters Review, in-depth Boat Statistics, Suggested Canadian Retail Prices and our Own Unique Skills Rating System.

Recreational Canoes ~ a Brief History

Recreational Canoes are typically about 15- feet in length, which is one or two feet shorter than most ‘Tripping and Performance’ Canoes. Recreational Canoes are normally 36 inches wide, which is slightly wider than some Tripping / Performance Canoes.  Recreational Canoes tend to have flatter bottoms to maximize initial stability. Recreational Canoes often incorporate a keel to aid tracking (the ability to go straight) and to provide even greater initial stability for less skilled paddlers. Recreational Canoes purposely sacrifice a degree of overall efficiency for an added level of user-friendliness and predictability. These canoes satisfy a wide range of functions from casual outings, family, kids and cottage environments, to short trips in calm usually protected waters.

H2O Canoe Company’s Recreational Canoes- 2014 Suggested Retail PricesRecreational Canoes

H2O Tandem Canoes
Standard Fiberglass Canoes: $1595, Avg. Weight 68 lbs, Premium Fiberlight Canoes: $1895, Avg. Weight 57 lbs, Standard Kevlar Canoes: $2195, Avg. Weight 53 lbs
Premium Kevlar Canoes: $2495, Avg. Weight 50 lbs, Superlight Kevlar Canoes: $2895, Avg. Weight 45 lbs, Ultralight Carbon Kevlar Helium Canoes: $3295, Avg. Weight 40 lbs

i) The physics of the nice stable user-friendly Recreational Canoe suddenly goes all to heck when canoes get shorter than 15- feet in length… so don’t go there!

ii) To learn more about Canoe Construction ‘Click On’:
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