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Scott Canoes

Canadian-made Scott Canoes, beloved throughout Canada for over 50 Years for their robust manufacturing! Stable and user-friendly designs are back waiting for you.

We proudly invite you to paddle to see for yourself why they’re favourites for experienced and recreational canoeists alike throughout North America and beyond!

Scott Canoes


Recreational Canoes

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Scott Canoes

Proudly Canadian, Scott Canoes (QC based Abitibi & Co.’s) love for the wilderness inspires them to manufacture in a way that’s environmentally sustainable. Quality materials are sourced locally to support the Canadian economy, reduce fuel costs, and to minimize their environmental footprint. Created with a pride of workmanship that’s made Scott Canoes a household name in Canada for over half a century. Canoes are constructed using state of the art technology to create the thinnest, strongest, hardiest canoes possible, so you can spend more time seeking adventure and less time worrying about wear and tear.

No one canoe fits every paddler nor satisfies every paddling condition so Scott Canoes offers a wide range of models with something to suit everyone’s needs. For 2018, we have chosen to continue with Scott Canoes popular Prospector 15′, 16′, & 17′ models, but we have also included the little Echo 14 as well! Whether paddling tandem or solo, in flat water or whitewater conditions, for a leisurely outing or week-long expedition, Scott’s canoes put big smiles on the faces of almost everyone who paddles one.

When you buy a Scott Canoe from Abitibi & Co. you are not simply investing in quality, but also their commitment to protect and restore our waterways, and help share our natural wonders with all Canadians. It’s NO BULL. These dynamic, young French Canadian’s created their bold new BESIDE Magazine dedicated to fostering the flourishing community of outdoor enthusiasts. ‘Beside’ is a proud member of “1% for the planet,” donating at least 1% of revenue to environmental organizations.  It’s these visionary and inspiring attributes that make Frontenac Outfitters proud to be a Scott Canoe dealer.

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