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H2O Solo Canoe
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Frontenac Outfitters Solo Canoes

Each Solo Canoe presented includes a precise Frontenac Outfitters Review, in-depth Boat Statistics, Suggested Canadian Retail Prices and Our Own Unique Skills Rating System.

Solo Canoes- a Brief HistoryOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Solo Canoes offer something almost spiritual to many of us – the silence, the solitude and the joy of meeting Mother Nature alone on her terms. Flat-water solo canoes are normally paddled from a central seating position. Common lengths range from 11 to about 16.5 feet, widths narrow as boats get longer from 33 to 26 inches and average 12 inches in depth. Canoe weights vary widely from 35 to 56 lbs depending on the length of the canoe and the materials and manufacturing processes used.

i) H2O’s Peterborough 16/2 tandem canoe is included in our Solo Canoe category. Although not a true solo canoe its narrow beam, razor shape entries & tumblehome sides enable it to excel in this area.

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