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Tripping and Performance Canoes
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Canoes are grouped into Heritage (Symmetrical) and Modern (Asymmetrical) style categories. Each canoe is offered with our precise Frontenac Outfitters Review, in-depth Boat Statistics, Suggested Canadian Retail Prices and our own very cool Canoe Skills Rating System.

Tripping and Performance Canoes ~ a Brief History

Heritage Canoes (Symmetrical)

Heritage Canoes (Symmetrical) can best be described using a single word Versatile. These canoes tend to do everything well, but nothing best! Symmetrical canoes are easily identified by their up-swept, re-curved ends, which improves maneuverability and provides a drier ride. The most popular lengths are  15 to 17 feet in length, 33 to 36 inches wide, and are 14 inches deep. Shallow arched hull designs with moderate rocker provide a good balance between tracking, maneuverability, speed and stability. Heritage / Symmetrical style canoe designs can have full keels, shoe keels (half keels) or no keels at all. Tandem, solo, kids or dog from beginner to expert symmetrical canoes combine versatility with classic, Canadian heritage looks.

Modern Canoes (Asymmetrical)Tripping and Performance Canoes

Modern Canoes (Asymmetrical) maximize efficiency and through their asymmetrical shape and slightly longer waterline. Modern canoes are easily identified by their slightly longer, narrower fronts and their flared forward pointing bows, which aid speed and tracking. Canoes are typically 15 to 17 feet in length, are 31 to 35 inches wide, have round or ‘V’ shaped hulls and are always keeless. Modern / Asymmetrical canoes handle loads similar to Symmetrical canoes but compromise a degree of initial stability and maneuverability for an advantage in paddling efficiency. Asymmetrical canoes are a good choice for performance oriented paddlers and those who aspire to be.

Expedition Canoes

Expedition Canoes are simply longer versions of the Heritage and Modern canoes described above. Lengths begin around 17.6 feet and can get as long as 20 feet. Canoe widths are similar to the boats described above or they can be significantly narrower. Expedition canoes are designed for extended excursions where additional load capacity is required or for large families who want to experience outdoor life together.

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