Frontenac Outfitters 34th Annual Spring Sale

With spring upon us and the lakes beginning to shed their winter coats the 34th Annual Frontenac Outfitters Spring Sale & Open House is just around the corner!

With hundreds of boats in stock already, our shop is loaded with canoes, kayaks, and SUP’s from the world’s leading manufacturers and they’re eager to find homes. The Frontenac Outfitters Spring Sale is the perfect opportunity to buy with the season’s best prices and widest selection available.

During the sale you get to test paddle everything (boats, boards, and gear) for free! And there’s no better way to determine what’s right for you than trying before buying.

At the 34th Annual Spring Sale we will be showcasing our premium line of kayaks from Tahe Marine and Zegul Kayaks including the new Bara 17/2 and Empower 18/3, the advance fishing kayaks from Wilderness Systems in their Radar and ATAK series as well as the Tarpon 130x, lightweight thermoform options from the industry leading Delta Kayaks, Canadian-made H2O Canoe Company and Scott Canoes, along with loads of paddling gear and much more!


What else to expect at Frontenac Outfitters Spring Sale

  • Over 80 different models of Kayaks, Canoes, and Stand Up Paddle Boards
  • See What’s New and Paddle New & Improved 2018 Models
  • Greenland Paddle Building Workshop – Saturday, April 28th – One Spot Remaining – Registration Deadline: Sunday, April 22nd
  • FREE Coffee and Donuts
  • Save 15% on cool Level Six Paddle Gear & Clothing purchases
  • Meet Reps from Leading Paddlesports Manufacturers
  • FREE Wooded & Waterfront Campsites (must pre-register)


During the Spring Sale, kayaks will be feature in-store credits with each purchase OR discounted prices to help you get the greatest value during your visit. Check out our full inventory of by clicking the image above!


Each canoe sold during the Spring Sale will include a number of upgrades that are passed along for free. View our full inventory of canoes by clicking the image above and learn about what upgrades suit your needs best!


Stand Up Paddleboards from Level Six and Pulse SUP include a paddling package (paddle, board leash, etc…) to help get you started with SUP. Take a peek at our full inventory by clicking the image above!

Keeping Afloat With Volunteers

If you make the trek out to our Spring Sale you’ll quickly become engulfed into a fun, educational, and truly unique experience! The 30+ volunteers we’re so blessed to have help us will greet you upon your arrival and are happy to share their experiences as paddlers and lend unbiased advice.

Many of our volunteers started as customers, but through their introduction to paddlesports they have become close friends and an essential cog in the Frontenac Outfitters’ wheel! Some are ex-employees who have gone on to greater job pursuits, but just like the Canadian Geese, they return each spring to catch-up and help out.

All share a genuine love for paddlesports along with a strong passion and respect for protecting our waterways and wildlife for future generations! Like us, our volunteers strongly believe in taking the time to properly educate folks as to the pros, cons, and compromises one makes in choosing the ideal boat for their paddling needs.

What does all this mean to you?

It means you don’t deal with high pressure salespeople. Instead you’ll be chatting with people just like you!

Meet the Makers

As this is the region’s most popular paddlesports event, reps from leading manufacturers go out of their way to attend the sale. This includes flying across the country just to be sure they are present to answer any questions you may have about their products!

Here’s a look at who’s coming:

Patrick Quinney – Level Six

Pat is Level Six’s Director of Sales for all of North America, and we are lucky to have him as our personal rep. from the company. Level Six is homegrown, Canadian business that offers quality paddlesports gear, clothing, and stand up paddleboards.

Pat will be on-hand throughout the weekend with Level Six clothing such as dry tops & pants, gloves & booties, and a number of other related gear items. These products are available for purchase during the sale with 15% off on everything he brings! Quantities are limited to what Pat can load on the trailer, so be sure to take advantage of his expertise during the sale.

Jill Ellis – Adanac Paddles

Jill is Adanac Paddles’ Master Carver and a world-class woodcarver with over 40-years experience. She also shares our passion for paddling with a love for traditional Greenland style kayaking and the history of paddle making.

Jill will be conduction a Greenland Paddle Building Workshop during our sale on Saturday, April 28th! There is only ONE SPOT LEFT so please send us an email to let us know you’d like to sign up! 

Cost: $175 + 13% tax
Date: Saturday April 27th
Time: 9:00 AM
Deadline to Register: Sunday, April 22nd

Jeff Hill – H2O Canoe Company

Jeff is the owner and manufacturer of H2O Canoe Company who in our opinion makes some of the best canoes available in North America. With a background in boat building, seeing firsthand the benefits of high grade materials, resins, and advanced manufacturing processes, Jeff has rejuvenated the industry with innovation.

Andrew Stirling – Confluence Outdoors

Andrew is Confluence Outdoors’ Sales Rep. for all of Eastern Ontario, and he has been part of Frontenac Outfitters’ success throughout the years. By representing all Confluence Outdoors’ product lines (Wilderness Systems, Perception Kayaks, Dagger Kayaks, Mad River Canoes, and Harmony Gear) and knowing our business philosophy, he steers us towards the best models from each brand  for our shop.

Michael Squarek – Delta Kayaks

Michael is the Sales & Marketing Manager and an integral part of Delta Kayaks. With his vast knowledge of the industry and willingness to listen to and deliver feedback, Frontenac Outfitters has been able to help Delta Kayaks reach the pinnacle of thermoformed kayaks.

Mike will be on hand both Friday and Saturday of the sale to answer questions and provide additional insight to help with your paddling purchase.

...and More!

With spring being one of the busiest times of the year for those working in paddlesports, not everybody who would like to make it to our Spring Sale can. And certainly coordinating schedules with a lot on their plates is challenging at best!

However, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Some of our manufacturers have yet to confirm, but they are hoping to make an appearance if they can. Keep a look out for updates on this page regarding the arrival of: