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H2O Canoe Company New for 2015

H2O introduces their new Epoxy Pro Series to offer the lightest & toughest canoes on the planet!

H2O Canoe CompanyThese canoes combine the innovative light & durable Innegra fabric including Basalt with the proven strength & stiffness of Aramid (Kevlar) fibers and Carbon fibers. A stiff foam core completes the hull with H2O’s new skeletal rib re-enforcement placed along the walls.

Unlike most canoe manufacturers, H2O’s ultralight Epoxy Pro canoes are bonded with premium Epoxy resins and are post-cured in an oven. Similar to their other layups, Epoxy Pro canoes are built using a vacuum infusion process.

The result is a consistently light weighted boat with the maximum strength-to-weight ratio possible!

Epoxy Resin Info

Epoxy Pro Series Layups

Epoxy Series Ratio Image

Innegra with Basalt

Out of the three new Epoxy Pro layups, the Innegra with Basalt is confidently the strongest, lightweight canoe available in the world! Its unique combination of cutting-edge fabrics makes this layup one of Frontenac Outfitters’ personal favourites! Here’s what makes this layup so tough and light:

  • Combination of Innegra & Basalt layers with a moderate fiberglass outer skin for abrasion resistance & ease of repair
  • Re-enforcement – structural bilge & free-board re-enforcement with rigid closed cell foam core & ribs
  • UV repellent proprietary Clear -Coating on exterior – 85% less product than Gel-coat for up to 8 lbs saved
  • Lightweight,  UV resistant interior coating over natural fabric
  • High impact resistant & flexible, post cured Epoxy resin – stronger and lighter than Poly/Vinyl-ester systems
  • Processed under vacuum resin infusion to provide the ultimate resin/weight ratio
  • Advanced ICG construction includes gunnel & rib combination for weight savings & stiffness upgrade

Clear-Coat Carbon/Kevlar

The ultimate in lightweight canoes! The Clear-Coat Carbon/Kevlar option subtracts the outer layer of fiberglass to achieve the lowest possible weights while retaining stiffness. Here’s a look at what goes into this Epoxy Pro selection:

  • Combination of Carbon, Kevlar & Innegra layers without outer fiberglass skin
  • Re-enforcement – structural bilge & free-board re-enforcement with closed cell rigid foam core & ribs
  • UV repellent proprietary Clear-Coating on exterior – 85% less product than Gel-coat for up to 8 lbs saved!
  • Lightweight UV resistant interior coating over natural Fabric
  • High impact resistant & flexible, post cured Epoxy resin – stronger and lighter than Poly/Vinyl-ester systems
  • Processed under vacuum resin infusion to provide the ultimate resin/weight ratio
  • Advanced ICG construction includes gunnel & rib combination for weight savings & stiffness upgrade

Paddle an Epoxy Pro at Frontenac Outfitters

H2O Canoe Company incorporates a unique combination of great designs, varying layups with exquisite finishes, and best prices H2O Canoe Companyupfront. With that said, Frontenac Outfitters could not be more excited to be introduce H2O’s new Epoxy Pro series of canoes to our customers!

But don’t just take our word for it; come visit us and test paddle one to experience the difference on the water!

To learn about H2O Canoe Company’s other layups and construction details Click Here, or visit the Canoes Page of our website for complete boat listings!

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