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Delta 16

With smooth lines, impeccable detailing, and high gloss finish the Delta 16 kayak rivals any high-end composite kayak at a fraction of the price and with comparable weight. And it now comes complete with Delta Kayaks’ new Contoured Seat System, Press Lock Hatches, and Low Profile Day Pod!

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This may be the first fundamental decision you will have to make when entering the wonderful world of paddlesports. No matter what the choice, and in some cases it may be a combination of the three, the right decision will lead you to an enjoyable experience that will benefit you physically, mentally, and contribute to the well being of the whole family. Canoes, Kayaks, & SUP. This is not a matter of which is best, but rather which best suits your needs.

Let’s examine this issue further by exploring some other pertinent questions:

The Purchasing Power of the U.S. Dollar

Why buy in Canada is a question we are faced with more and more from our U.S. neighbours. The simple answer is that with the Canadian dollar at its lowest level in years, our U.S. customers have more reasons than ever to Shop and Save on Paddlesports with Us! To  learn more about how this benefits you as a U.S. citizen buying out of country, Click Here to read the full article!