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How to Tie Down a Canoe

Step 1: Centre the canoe between the two racks, not the vehicle’s roof

Step 2: Wrap the straps around each crossbar

Step 3: Take both ends of the strap and toss them over top of the canoe

Step 4: Adjust the straps that the buckles are located near the top of the canoe

Step 5: Take the long end of the strap and wrap it around the rack and run it through the clasp of the buckle (repeat with second strap)

Step 6: Pull down on the long end of the strap until tight (repeat with second strap)

Step 7: Give the canoe a shake. If the canoe still slides on the rack, cinch down the straps a little tighter. If the vehicle moves, straps a tight enough

Step 8: Tie off remaining length of straps by wrapping it around the crossbars a few more times and the knotting it

Step 9: Add bow & stern lines when driving at highway speeds on in high winds.

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