Kayak Sails

Going With The Wind 

Kayakers have been modifying kayaks with sails for many years, but the new WindPaddle allows you to have the option of using a sail without modifying your boat or equipping it with heavy complicated gear. It is small, lightweight,  & easy to use.

The WindPaddle is a self-launching, self-standing sail that stows away either on the kayak foredeck or below deck in a small fold-up package. The whole sail weighs less than a pound. Folded up it is only 15 inches wide, and it can be quickly launched and doused while out on the water. You are even able to continue to hold on to your paddle.

Note: In January 2008, Wavelength Magazine had this to say about this latest innovation in Kayaking: “The WindPaddle…solves many of the problems associated with kayak sails — the bulk, the hassles of foredeck storage, the over big presence — in a unique way.”

The Advantages of Kayak Sailing

Kayak sailing is ideal for paddlers who are touring long distances or excursionists whose campsites are spaced far apart. Those who have experienced the physical demand of a lengthy paddle can attest to the advantages of including a kayak sail to your ‘must have’ gear list. The following is a short list of benefits offered by kayak sailing:

  • Reduced Stress on your Wrists & Elbows
  • Decreased Shoulder & Back Fatigue 
  • Faster Speed
  • Less Energy Consumption 
  • Lots of Fun!
The 3 Types of WindPaddles

The Adventure Mark I: We nick-named this sail the “Convertible” because it has the Paddle Pouch for flying from your paddle blade or it can be flown off the deck. It has a smaller window than the Adventure Mark II and weighs only 16 oz.

Colors: Blue/White/Blue – Red/White/Red

The Adventure Mark II: This sail is designed to fly from the on-deck position. It has a large horizontal window for good visibility. It can be set-up for instant self-launching and weighs only 14 oz.

Colors: Blue/White/Blue – Red/White/Red – Yellow/White/Yellow

The Sport Model: This sail deploys and flies from the end of your hand-held paddle or oar. It is great for canoes, fishing kayaks, or tandem kayaks and weighs only 14 oz.

Colors: Blue/White/Blue – Red/White/Red

Installing & Using Your WindPaddle

The WindPaddle is very simple to mount and use. There is no deck hardware needed to fasten to your boat and no holes to be drilled – It is fully self-contained! There is no assembly to be done other than attaching to your existing deck hardware.

Hoisting the WindPaddle for use is quick and easy as well; there is no need to head to shore to set-up the sail rig. With the Adventure models, you simply attach the two clips of the Wind Harness mount to the existing deck hardware or perimeter cord. With the Adventure I and Sport models, you simply slip the paddle pouch over the blade of your paddle and you are ready for sailing.

Not convinced? Would you like to see this work? Check out the You-tube videos showing the WindPaddles in action.

The Full WindPaddle Video (10 min.)

Attaching, launching and stowing your WindPaddle

Folding the WindPaddle

WindPaddling Sailing Fun

WindPaddle Kayak Sails are now in stock at Frontenac Outfitters! 
You can now purchase this remarkable product online at our Kayak & Canoe Gear Store or drop by our shop and try them out for yourselves!