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Kayak Wizard

Kayak Wizard

Welcome to Frontenac Outfitters very cool
‘Kayak Wizard’

Our interface is designed to help you select your perfect kayak based on your size, experience, aspirations and budget. In less than 2 minutes we will help narrow your search by providing you with a number of kayaks that could be a great choice for you.

Once your list of kayaks is on your screen, call us at 613.376.6220 and we’ll happily listen to your needs and then discuss the pros & cons of each model with you.

Better yet, we invite you to experience the superior level of expertise & customer service our On-Water Paddlesports Centre Provides.

We stock Hundreds of the Worlds finest & offer free test paddling of new kayaks & paddling gear 7 Days a Week!
Ontario’s Paddlesports Experts, since 1984

Are you looking for a solo (one person) or tandem (two person) kayak?

To help you best we need to know your approximate weight in pounds? Oh, don’t worry… we won’t tell anybody promise.

Note: for tandem kayaks we need to know your ‘COMBINED’ weights

Kayak Skill Levels

  • Family:
    Previous kayak skills ‘never required’. Kayaks accommodate numerous body sizes & shapes for a no surprises, user-friendly family paddle fun in always protected waters
  • Beginner:
    Previous kayak skills ‘not required’. Kayaks provide exceptional initial stability for a user-friendly, paddle. Day tours or the odd overnight in calm sheltered waters
  • Beginner to Intermediate:
    Previous kayak skills ‘not required’. Kayaks offer an excellent blend of stability with increased performance. Day tours to multi-day trips in water conditions with some form of shelter normally present
  • Intermediate:
    Previous kayak skills ‘not always essential’. Kayaks provide less initial stability and greater secondary stability. Designed for more aggressive, performance oriented paddlers who will continue to refine skills for years. Day to multi-day expeditions in open water conditions
  • Intermediate to Advanced:
    Prior sea kayak skills ‘a necessity for most’. Kayaks excel in specific areas I.e.: performance, edging, rolling, touring etc. Designed for the most aggressive & skilled paddlers or those with aspirations to be. Day to multi-day expeditions in rough water conditions

Hint: Try changing the Kayak Skill Level up or down a level just to see what model changes come up!

Rudder & Skeg Systems

  • North American Style Kayaks – Rudders:
    A rudder can be a valuable addition to your kayak. When the blade is in the down position, footrests positioned in tracks enable the paddler to turn the rudder from side to side. This devise assists the paddler in steering and going straight. The rudder can also be raised giving the paddler the option to paddle with or without it. Kayaks with rudders are often referred to as ‘North American Style Kayaks’
  • British Style Kayaks – Retractable Skegs:
    A skeg is a retractable fin that drops down from the hull of the kayak near the stern to enhance tracking. Unlike a rudder system a skeg can only be moved up and down (not side to side). When not in use a skeg can be retracted completely within the hull into a watertight skeg box. Although a skeg doesn’t turn left or right, by raising or lowering the skeg, by decreasing or increasing how much of the skeg is in water you can track & steer accordingly. Kayaks with retractable skegs are often referred to as ‘British Style Kayaks’

Hint: Try choosing one type, then the other type to see our different results