Impex Kayaks Lay-up Choices

Fiberglass – Avg. 16’ / Weight 55 lbs

Lighter, stiffer, and more esthetically appealing than “Poly”  (or plastic kayaks). Impex Kayaks proprietary hand laid lamination uses Polyester Resin.  Layers of E-glass and Diolin fabric are placed in the boat with high stress areas receiving extra reinforcment. The exterior Gelcoat provides waterproofing, abrasion resistance, and colour selection. Impex Kayaks’ most popular choice

Kevlar – Avg. 16’ / Weight 52 lbs

This hand laid proprietary lamination uses Vinylester Resin with a minimum of three layers of material (two full layers of Kevlar®). A full layer of Kevlar® is applied to the gelcoat, and areas of high stress receive additional reinforcing. Next, a layer of polyester cloth is applied. A final layer of Kevlar® completes the lamination process with a result that makes the kayak very strong. With an average weight savings of 3 to 4 lbs over fibreglass.

Carbon Kevlar – Avg. 16’ / Weight 49 lbs

Made using a vacuum infusion pressure process along with a stronger, more expensive Vinylester Resin. Carbon material attributes provide additional weight savings and structural rigidity. A weight saving of 5 to 6 lbs per model is achieved over fibreglass.

K-Lite – Avg. 16’ / Weight 45 lbs

Impex Kayaks strongest, lightest, most technically advanced lay-up.  A blend of Kevlar & Carbon cloth is infused with Epoxy Resin over a layer of UV stabilized S2 glass for abrasion resistance. A clear epoxy hull maximizes weight savings of 9 to 10 lbs over traditional Gelcoat hulls. K-Lite is an overwhelming choice for those seeking a lightweight craft.