Boreal Design Kayaks

For over 25 years, Boreal Design has been pushing the limits of sea kayaks in Canada. Established in 1991 and continuing to refine the art of building quality kayaks with modern materials, craftsmanship, and unique designs.

Boreal Design

Performance Touring Kayaks

With new ownership in place, Boreal Design Kayaks has been revitalized with the company investing in research & design all while working to improve existing products. This rejuvenation, along with the proven success of acrylic plastics, has led to the company extending their manufacturing processes to thermoform technology. As with their composite and polyethylene kayaks, Boreal Design’s thermoform boats are built with quality at the forefront. From big picture design down to the smallest detail, Boreal’s goal is to exceed expectations with every kayak they build.

Catering specific boats to specific paddlers, Boreal Design Kayaks offers a full range of kayaks from user-friendly recreational kayaks, to versatile light touring and touring options, to skills refining performance touring kayaks. Different strokes for different folks, Boreal Design has a kayak for everyone!

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