Touring Kayaks

Touring Kayaks
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Quality Touring Kayaks from all stocked manufacturers are listed below in order of length (shortest to longest). Each kayak offers a precise ‘Frontenac Outfitters Review’ with in-depth Boat StatisticsPerformance RatingsVideo’s , and Canadian Pricing.


Touring Kayaks ~ A Brief History

Touring kayaks design and quality features bridge the gap between recreational and performance touring (sea) kayaks. They represent a mid-range in overall performance, design, fit, quality and price. Touring, sometimes referred to as transitional kayaks are a growing segment of kayaks in North America. They can be a good choice for beginner to intermediate paddlers who mostly do day tripswith the odd overnight/weekend trip, in normally protected waters.

Touring kayak lengths begin about 12 feet and go up around 15 feet. Generally longer and narrower touring kayaks are more efficient and able to handle bigger water conditions than recreational kayaks, but yet are not as efficient as performance touring kayaks.

Touring Kayaks have both front and rear hatches and have bulkheads for dry storage and add flotationoffer reasonable deck rigging, and tend to have comfortable, higher backedadjustable seat systems and thigh braces. Boats may have a foot controlled rudder system, a retractable skeg or have nothing at all.

Regardless, performance and safety features will be of a ‘mid-range quality’, which is less than those found on performance touring kayaks.

Materials & Average Price Points

Polyethylene$1200 – $1400

Thermoform: $1995 – $2400

Composite: no choices

Manufacturers Stocked

  • Dagger Kayaks
  • Delta Kayaks
  • Riot Kayaks
  • Wilderness Systems Kayaks

Pros & Cons of Touring Kayaks

Pros Cons
Better overall performance vs. recreational kayaks Less efficient and decreased tracking than performance touring kayaks
Improved tracking & efficiency over recreational and light touring kayaks Less gear capacity & positive buoyancy vs. performance touring kayaks
Smaller cockpits offer a better fit than recreational kayaks, which caters to skills development Do not handle big waters or rough conditions as effectively as longer, narrower performance touring kayaks
Narrower designs allow for lighter carry weights Provides less feature-rich outfitting including safety features (i.e. full deck rigging & grab handles)

Note: ‘IF’ a kayak is ‘NOT’ listed from a manufacturer we carry it’s likely because we have superior choices! Why not call us to discuss the pros & cons of the kayaks you have interest in?

Touring Kayaks