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Delta Kayaks

Canadian made Delta Kayaks combine the glossy sleek aesthetics, lighter weights,
and paddling performance of composites… at prices hundreds of dollars less

Frontenac Outfitters is the World’s Largest Delta Kayaks Dealer. We helped create their Delta Kayaks 12s Delta Kayaks 15s

Delta Kayaks

Delta Kayaks

Frontenac Outfitters Owners Larry & Christine enjoy a scenic break during Delta Kayaks B.C. excursion.
We discovered fresh mountain lion tracks on the sand bar soon afterward… it makes ya think!

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Delta Kayaks

Delta Kayaks

Canadian made Delta Kayaks
(Maple Ridge B.C.) specialize in the sophisticated design and manufacture of a bold new line of ultra-high quality Thermoform kayaks. Delta’s outstanding kayaks will appeal to paddling enthusiasts of every level. And in a world with seemingly endless choices, Delta Kayak’s exceptional products make choosing a Delta kayak easy!

Here’s why:

  • Delta Kayaks ‘Solarkote’ thermoform provides greater impact resistance & durability than kayaks made in from polyethylene or composite materials
  • Vibrant, sleek, glossy aesthetics are similar to those found in higher priced composite kayaks
  • Delta Kayaks UV protected ‘Solarkote’ finish will never fade and is extremely scratch resistant to keep your kayak looking new for years
  • Delta Kayaks Thermoform weights average 20% less than similar polyethylene models and are about the same as comparable fibreglass
  • Environmentally friendly – 100% of excess thermoform materials are recycled into other reusable products

Thermoform Specialists for over 30 years, Delta Kayaks married their expertise with 30 years of paddlesports knowledge. This synergy vaulted Delta to the top of the Thermoform Kayak marketplace.

Best of all Delta Kayaks 100% Canadian owned and manufactured 
and Frontenac Outfitters is the World’s Largest Delta Kayaks Dealer. 


Despite our huge inventory, our biggest challenge is keeping enough Delta Kayaks in stock to satisfy our eager customers.

What is Thermoform anyway?

Thermoform is a rigid polymer, which will not fade, gouge or lose its shape unlike softer roto-mold polyethylene. Thermoform offers the glossy aesthetics, lighter weights and paddling performance of composites… at prices often hundreds of dollars less. ‘Click Here’ to learn even more about Thermoform. 

To visit Delta Kayaks Web Site‘CLICK HERE’

     Delta Kayaks Delta Kayaks Delta Kayaks

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