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Premium Fishing or Angling Kayaks are listed below in order of length (shortest to longest). Each fishing kayak offers a precise ‘Frontenac Outfitters Review’ with in-depth Boat Statistics, Performance Ratings, and Canadian Pricing. 

Fishing Kayaks  a Brief History

Throughout Canada have anglers finally seeing the light by embracing kayak fishing in vastly increasing numbers. Getting to your favourite fishing grounds is often best accomplished without the noise, pollution, additional expense of a power boat. Fishing Kayaks offer stable, user-friendly designs that are perfect for fishing, hunting, bird watching or just get-away-alone paddle time. We have chosen some of the best-performing, best-rigged fishing kayaks & sit-on-tops available.

Fishing Kayaks are normally made in rugged roto-molded polyethylene and range in length from 12 to about 15 feet. Prices range from $690 to about $2300 depending on craft, its length, material, it’s fishing options and whether its built to house a specifically designed electric motor

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Manufacturers Stocked

  • Old Town Kayaks
  • Perception Kayaks
  • Wilderness Systems

Pros & Cons of Fishing Kayaks



Offer an unobtrusive way to get into your favourite fishing holes or small water ways that exclude gas-powered, motor boats. Typically offered in Sit-On-Top or Recreational designs that do not feature proper safety features and are hindered by adverse conditions
Can be customized in a multitude of ways to suit the individual needs of each angler Base models need several add-on purchases to facilitated customization  
Most designs are incredibly stable with some paddlers able to stand and cast or fly fish Rugged polyethylene constructions are heavy making some models difficult to carry & transport  
Custom-built electric trolling motors are now available for certain models, which offers anglers a whole new level of kayak fishing Are designed to meet the needs of fishing, which makes them very inefficient with limited performance aspects

Note: Due to the custom nature of fishing kayaks, in-store models may need to be further customized to suit your angling needs.

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