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Zegul Arrow Play MV Kayak 17 

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Zegul Arrow Play MV Kayak 17 Review

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to grab one of these exquisitely designed European kayaks from Canada’s Tahe & Zegul Kayaks Experts!

Zegul Arrow Play MV Kayak

We gratefully added the Zegul Arrow Play MV to our British style Performance Touring Kayaks when Zegul purchased the Denmark based company, Arrow, in 2014.

Jesper Kromann-Andersen, renowned Danish designer, merges the classic Brit-style shape with the snug-fitting, ultra-stylish Danish flare found in his Arrow series of kayaks. The results speak for themselves, and after test paddling the Play MV you’ll be hard pressed to find an excuse not to own one!

An all-round performance kayak, the Play MV best satisfies all skill levels from novice to advanced in the 150 to 225 lb paddler weight range.

Paddler Fit

The Arrow Play MV kayak best fits medium- to large-sized paddlers who appreciate the controlled fit offered by a 21″ beam and 31.5″ L x 16.25″ W cockpit . The keyhole cockpit’s shorter length means some longer legged paddlers may have to balance on the rear deck and then slide in, but you won’t have to worry about pumping out when that big wave breaches the deck. Accordingly, the deck height is shallow enough to not interfere with a low angle paddle stroke yet retains enough height to shed water in waves without sacrificing a solid bowlegged brace or gear capacity.  

In terms of a seating system, most European designs follow the concept of simplicity rules. This means you won’t get an innovative, multi-adjustable and thick-padded seat that’s found in many North American boats. However, you will find an ergonomic and robust seat system that thankfully has everything correctly placed

contour back band provides full range of motion and includes several nut & bolt adjustment points allowing you to hone in on perfect support. Intuitive slidelock foot braces combined with multi-adjustable thigh braces offer the perfect contact points required for rapid skills progression.

Kayak Efficiency & Maneuverability

Versatile seems to be the word that best describes the Arrow Play MV kayak as its been designed to be a playful sea kayak with expedition qualities for longer day trips and extended get-a-ways.

Significant rocker and volume in the bow avoids broaching when riding large waves, while the mid-section has a slightly rounded profile enabling it to edge smoothly for maneuvering in challenging, big water conditions. The increased length and slightly less width make the MV faster and more efficient than the shorter Play HV and Play LV

Kayak Stability

Zegul Arrow Play MV Kayak

As a performance kayak with a slightly round hull and moderate rocker, the Arrow Play MV kayak purposely forsakes a degree of initial stability in order to optimize maneuverability. However, the length and volume still provide a stable platform to instill confidence in aspiring paddlers.

Defined sides along the mid-ship of the Play MV offer solid secondary stability, while the softness of the hull provides seamless transitions from edge to edge for nimble, playful turns.

Kayak Roll & Rescue

Wet entries and exits are done easily with the flat rear deck of the Arrow Play MV kayak. The deck rigging and day hatch are well placed to provide the perfect platform for self-rescues – we suggest adding quick-release, self-rescue straps to speed up reentry.

The controlled fit of the MV offers great contact points needed for efficient rolls with proper technique, and the low rear deck makes for instinctive lay-back rolls. 

Kayak Touring

At 17′, cruising speed is easily achieved, while the low profile catches less wind limiting any tendency to be blown off course. The rockered bow of the Arrow Play MV kayak makes playing in surf and following seas enjoyable, but the additional length requires a little more skill to increase responsiveness.

Three hatch compartments and a centre day pod provide a generous amount of gear capacity for extended trips. The lightweight hatch covers click on and off easily in cold water and are built in conjunction with the rims for a watertight seal

Full perimeter lining along with ample deck rigging offer additional gear capacity using mounted deck bags and other storage accessories. A recessed compass mount is also provided at the bow – the Nexus 70P from Brunton is recommend and available at our shop.

Standard Features

Hatches: The hatches in Arrow Play MV kayak are separated with composite bulkheads and feature Kayak Sport VCP covers:

Bow – round 10″ / 24 cm
Pod – round 6″ / 15 cm
Day – round 8” / 20 cm
Stern – oval 17″ x 10.25″ / 44 cm x 26 cm

Outfitting: The cockpit includes a molded, fiberglass seat pan with thin padding and contour back band. Multi-adjustable padded thigh braces and slidelock foot pegs are also provided.

Other Features Include:

  • Aramide (Kevlar) seam
  • Retractable skeg system
  • Recessed decking fittings, rigging, and perimeter lines
  • Bow roller ball for on-deck paddle storage
  • Exquisite finish with unique colour schemes
  • Reflective decals

Colours Stocked

Note: Zegul Kayaks offer vibrant and complex colour combinations. We suggest you call us for in stock descriptions.

Construction Layups Stocked

3D C-Core (44 lbs):

The Arrow Play MV kayak in Zegul’s 3D C-Core layup feature a carbon-cored hull that includes layers of carbon, carbon/aramide, and fiberglass. An innovative multiaxiale carbon fabric and full HD LRA core provide an even tougher, stiffer, lightweight kayak. Decks are built using sandwich construction and are reinforced with carbon/aramide and fiberglass for added strength. The deck and hull are fused together with an aramide seam.

This manufacturing method combines vacuum infusion technology with special marine-grade epoxy resin to produce some of the highest quality kayaks in the industry.

A-Core (43 lbs):

The Arrow Play MV kayak in Zegul’s A-Core layup features several layers of fiberglass and multiaxial fiberglass clothalong with a full HD LRA core. The keel area is reinforced to improve impact and scratch resistance, while the deck is built using sandwich construction. The deck and hull and fused together using a fiberglass / aramide seam.

The result is an optimal strength-to-weight ratio offering the best of both worlds.

Rock Solid (55 lbs):

The Arrow Play MV kayak in Zegul’s Rock Solid layup takes the A-Core construction technique and adds layers of Kevlar and Kevlar / fiberglass fabric. Multiaxial Kevlar cloth complete with a Kevlar reinforced keel strip make this lamination the strongest. The deck is manufactured using sandwich technology and is fused to the hull with a Kevlar / fiberglass seam.

The Rock Solid layup produces can be considered the most reliable construction that withstands the most challenging environments.

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  • 3D C-Core (Carbon / Kevlar) ~ 44 lbs / 19.9 kg

  • Save $300 on pre-season orders prior to Mar. 15/2018
  • Rock Solid (Kevlar / Fiberglass) ~ 55 lbs / 24.9

  • Save $200 on pre-season orders prior to Mar. 15/2018
  • A-Core (Fiberglass) ~ 53 lbs / 24 kg

  • Save $200 on pre-season orders prior to Mar. 15/2018

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