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Kid’s Kayaks

Kids Kayaks
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Kid’s Kayaks

Simply put, a kid’s kayak is a boat that is designed to properly fit a child. This means lower volume, a narrower cockpit for that controlled “one-with-boat” fit, and shorter length so the youngster can easily manage their kayak. On the contrary to popular belief, a boat that is wide with an open cockpit does not provide increased stability or safety.

Without a proper fit, the paddler will slop from side-to-side which in turn throws off their stability and lowers the degree of control over that boat. Furthermore, in a wide kayak one is forced to lean over the sides in order to get that paddle in the water without knocking their knuckles on the side of the boat – this also leads to decreased stability and a potential upset.

With that being said, when it comes to kid’s kayaks, safety is a parent’s utmost concern. This translates into a boat with proper bulkheads and watertight hatches for positive buoyancy; and complete deck rigging with reflective piping for high visibility, gear storage for safety equipment (i.e. paddle float, pump, throw bag), as well as a way to grasp the boat prior to a wet entry.

Here at Frontenac Outfitters, we strive to carry the best designs with the highest degree of safety throughout our entire lineup of kayaks. This is no different when it comes to kid’s kayaks. And like all of our boats, we offer free test paddling of any kid’s kayak including gear that we stock!

Pros & Cons of Kid’s Kayaks



Smaller, narrower designs offer kid’s a better fit for control, stability, and skills development Can be quickly outgrown, which leaves some manufacturers offering limited selection and quality
A great way to introduce your children to paddlesports and fun on the water Few options with full safety features and proper outfitting
The perfect bonding experience with your kids and an ideal way to keep them active Parents’ perception of narrow, proper fitting kayaks being unsafe
Carry weights are low, which allows kids to carry their kayaks by themselves instilling independence Price points become challenging for parents as kid’s kayaks are outgrown overtime


Kids Kayaks