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Light Touring KayaksLight Touring Kayaks

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Light Touring Kayaks

Light Touring Kayaks are a sub-category of touring kayaks as their shorter lengths (11.5′ – 13′) are similar to some recreational models while still offering improved outfitting and performance characteristics. These boats incorporate sleeker, more controlled-fitting designs in order to retain safety and performance.

As the name suggests, light touring kayaks perform well in flat-water conditions, rivers, and even protected coastal paddling. With some models including both bow and stern bulkheads / hatches, these types of kayaks also allow paddlers to undergo day trips, overnight outings, and even casual weekend getaways. However,  gear capacity is minimal in light touring kayaks, so a back-country trip becomes challenging due to the need for proper camping, cooking, and other larger gear items.

Light touring kayaks are suitable for beginner- to intermediate-skilled paddlers who desire a shorter boat that is easy to manage without sacrificing much in the way of performance. However, intermediate and advanced paddlers may find this type of kayak perfect as a secondary boat.

Stability and user-friendliness are the staples in this category of kayaks, which means they typically have higher backrests that are adjustable and wider  beam widths. Outfitting with deck rigging is sufficient and build quality, safety features, and efficiency rank in the middle of the road.

Pros & Cons of Light Touring Kayaks



Improved fit vs. recreational kayaks for better skills development Less ‘controlled fit’ offered compared to touring or performance touring kayaks
Increased safety features and gear capacity than recreational kayaks Decreased storage space, positive buoyancy, and safety features vs. touring & performance touring kayaks
Ability to track more efficiently in comparison to recreational kayaks Tracking & efficiency is poorer than touring & performance touring kayaks
Larger cockpits and width provide a greater fit range than touring and performance touring Are not designed for paddling in larger bodies of water or in adverse conditions


Light Touring Kayaks