New and Improved Kayaks

New and Improved Kayaks

New and Improved Kayaks

Like the ebb and flow of the sea’s tide, the paddlesports industry is ever-changing. New companies come and go, while name brands invest heavily in research & development in order to offer new, innovative options. And when it comes to new kayaks in 2016, this year is no different!

Each off-season we search the globe for the very best new and improved kayaks to add to our fleet of approximately 100 different kayak model choices. This includes the immensely popular Fishing Kayaks that are now being designed with the ability to add customized trolling motors; we’ve reintroduced Boreal Design, a well-known Canadian Kayak Manufacturer, with their new line of thermoform Performance Touring / Sea Kayaks; and there have been a number of upgrades made from other manufacturers throughout their offers such as Recreational Kayaks and Light Touring Kayaks.

But that’s not all! New kayaks for 2016 feature the return of Riot Kayaks with their new thermoform Edge series, a new sit-on-top from Perception Kayaks, and we are thrilled to announce the inclusion of Dagger Kayaks to our line of Touring Kayaks.

With a number of  new kayaks for 2016 and improvements to past models, there’s never been a better opportunity to purchase a feature-rich kayak to meet your paddling needs!

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