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 Established over 100- years ago, Old Town Kayaks is synonymous with paddling being known for quality designs, robust materials, and value priced kayaks.

Old Town Kayaks

Old Town Kayaks

Old Town, Maine is the ancestral home of the Penobscot tribe and has been for centuries. Nestled next to the Great North Woods amid the water and unforgiving boulders of the Penobscot River, the tribe built their sturdy birch bark canoes. And here, over 100 years ago, the Old Town Canoe Company was born. After brief periods as the Indian Old Town Canoe Company and Robertson Old Town Canoe Company, the firm was incorporated in 1903 as Old Town Canoe Co.

Once known as the world’s largest canoe manufacturer, Old Town made its first kayak in 1940. By  the 70’s, Old Town Kayaks had been recognized for material innovation with its fiberglass boats and was the exclusive manufacturer of canoes and kayaks to the U.S. Paddling Team. Over time, Old Town has helped redefine the paddlesports industry by being a pioneer in Royalex® technology.

Old Town Kayaks continues to R&D advancements in the industry through design and material innovation.  As much as Old Tow Kayaks looks ahead, they always keep one eye on the past, continuing to be inspired by the best of classic boat building traditions.

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