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Recreational Kayaks

recreational kayaks
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Recreational Kayaks

Recreational kayaks are designed for novices and lighthearted family fun near a home base such as a cottage or resort in calm, protected waters. 

Shorter than Touring and Performance Touring Kayaks, recreational kayaks lengths range from about 9′ – 14′ for most singles, and 13′ – 15′ for tandems. They are wider and have flatter hulls to help maximize initial stability. And while extra width limits efficiency it better enables inexperienced and non-serious paddlers to comfortably enjoy the sport with little risk of tipping over.

Sit-in-kayaks have very large seating areas, while sit-on-top kayaks offer open style seating. Seat systems are designed with comfort in mind and will accept a wide variety of paddler shapes, sizes and paddler weights. Recreational kayaks are generally limited one hatch / bulkhead or will not feature any dry dry storage with positive buoyancy achieved through foam inserts or flotation bags. 

Recreational Kayaks provide the lowest level of buoyancy, safety, long-term skills refinement than any other type of kayak. They are usually made from inexpensive, rugged but heavy roto-molded Polyethylene, although higher quality, lighter weight Thermoform kayaks are also available. 


Pros & Cons of Recreational Kayaks



Large cockpits and added width accommodates a wide range of paddler sizes Do not offer a ‘controlled fit’ due to large openings and wide beams
User-friendly & stable designs are ideal for new paddlers with hesitancy Do not provide skills development for paddlers who want to learn
Lower price point vs. most other types of kayaks and are the most widely available Have the least amount of safety features and outfitting than other type of kayak
Great for families with multiple users of varying skill levels Least efficient with poor tracking & most affected by adverse conditions

Notes: Buyer Beware, short, poorly designed and inexpensive ‘Box Store Brands’ seldom paddle straight, are tipsy,  and offer very little positive buoyancy & safety.  

Recreational Kayaks