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Performance Touring Kayaks

Performance Touring Kayaks
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Performance Touring Kayaks

Originally designed for ocean travel, performance touring kayaks (often labelled as sea kayaks) have exploded inland for a multitude of reasons. Long, narrow, and efficiently designed, Performance touring kayaks offer vastly superior performance and excel in all paddling conditions (except whitewater). These kayaks typically range in length from 15′ – 19′and have narrow widths from 19″ – 24″.

Optimum paddler fit is essential. Accordingly, performance touring kayaks are designed with a paddlers specific size, weight and their skills development and aspirations in mind. Sea kayaks usually have two to four quality hatches / bulkheads to maximize dry storage and optimize buoyancy.

Performance touring kayaks can be the perfect choice to satisfy a wide range of novice to expert paddlers who wish to paddle efficiently (in all water conditions), while maintaining the very highest degree of safety. Sea kayaks are also chosen by those who desire to refine their paddling skills long term.


Performance Touring Kayak Types

North American Style: tend to wider, have a straighter keel lines and include a Sliding or Gas Pedal Style Rudder System for course correction.

British Style: are narrower, have smaller cockpits, more rockered (curved) hulls and include a Retractable Skeg System for course correction.

Greenland Style: modern versions of Inuit skin-on-frame kayaks Greenland Kayaks look somewhat similar to British Style kayaks but are even narrower, sleeker & include a retractable skeg system.

Danish Style: best described as a blend between the sleek, low-volume characteristics of Greenland kayaks with the rockered, arched hull shape of British kayaks


Pros & Cons of Performance / Sea Kayaks



Improved fit vs. all other types of kayaks for long-term skills development and ‘one-with-boat’ control More specific fit range that limits multiple paddlers using the same kayak
Offers the highest degree of safety features and outfitting than any other kayak type Perception of smaller, tighter fitting cockpit creates hesitancy with new or novice paddlers
Provides the most efficient performance with true tracking, superior glide, and higher cruising speeds Weights of polyethylene sea kayaks can be burdensome for smaller paddlers
Have the ability to handle larger, ocean conditions, performs exceptionally in small, flat-water, and are the ideal choice for short outings or extended adventures Less versatile in small, narrow rivers and not recommended for whitewater paddling

Performance Touring Kayaks