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Frontenac Outfitters’ Owner Larry enjoys a quiet moment in a Tahe Reval Midi 17/1 Kayak

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to grab one of these exquisitely designed European Craft from Canada’s Tahe & Zegul Kayaks Experts!

Performance Touring Kayaks

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Founded almost 30 years ago, Tahe Kayaks has grown to become Europe’s largest kayak manufacturer. An extensive line up of 30 models and a whopping 6 lay-up choices, Tahe has a kayak to suit every paddlers’ needs. From lightweight, super stable novice boats to intermediate touring models to inspiring efficient performance touring kayaks to satisfy the most seasoned paddlers.

Coupling high-grade materials with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques such as vacuum infusing and triple layer polyethylene “sandwich” construction, Tahe Kayaks produces some of the most innovative kayaks in the global marketplace at exceptional prices.

As their name suggests, Tahe is driven by the “Willpower of the Sea” (meaning of Tahe) and strive for perfection. This attention to detail and yearning for excellence has garnered them a loyal clientele who demands the utmost in quality.

After extensive test paddling from Frontenac Outfitters Owners Larry & Christine have chosen the Very Best of Tahe Marine Kayaks for our Paddlesports Centre.

We’re absolutely thrilled with the addition of Tahe kayaks to our ever-growing line up of kayaks. We invite you to experience the difference Tahe Marine can make to your paddling adventures… Come Paddle With Us!

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