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Thermoform Kayaks

Thermoform Kayaks

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The world’s finest Thermoform Kayaks are grouped below by type: Day Touring Kayaks, Sea Kayaks, Recreational Kayaks, Kids Kayaks and Fishing Kayaks. Each kayak offers a precise ‘Frontenac Outfitters Review’, in-depth Boat Statistics, our own Performance Ratings, Kayak Video’s (some) and Suggested Canadian Retail Prices.

Thermoform Kayaks ~ a Brief History

Thermoform Kayaks are made from a complicated and relatively new process, which uses plastic sheets of compatible hybrid plastic materials with sub-strait layers to form a kayak ‘over a mold’. This manufacturing process is completely opposite to roto-mold polyethylene (plastic kayaks) or composite (fiberglass, Kevlar & carbon kayaks), which are made inside a mold.

Thermoform kayaks outer surface is much harder than polyethylene so it provides far greater abrasion resistance. Accordingly, thermoform Kayaks will NOT gouge or lose their shape like softer, heavier poly /plastic boats can. As thermoform kayaks retain their shape long term, their efficiency and longevity is vastly superior to roto-molded polyethylene kayaks. Delta’s Thermoform kayaks outer layer is ‘Solarkote’ UV protected so its exterior finish will never fade. Quality thermoform boats are extremely scratch resistant. Most scratches that do appear can often be buffed out to keep your kayak looking new for years.

Thermoform kayaks on-water performance is virtually the same as composites due to similar rigidity. Thermoform kayaks glossy sleek looks has a real ‘bling factor’; an aesthetically pleasing, vibrant finish that is virtually identical to composite kayaks.Oct calendar

“So while composite (fiberglass, Kevlar & carbon Kayaks) will remain the ‘Holy Grail’ for those willing to pay. Thermoform kayaks offer paddlers an exciting new high-end but Mid-Price Range alternative. Simply put, quality thermoform kayaks look great, are extremely durable and are affordable”

BEST of all, Canadian made Delta Kayaks are widely regarded as the World leader in thermoform kayak construction, and Frontenac Outfitters is Delta Kayaks Largest Dealer.

How tough are Thermoform Kayaks? Check this out: Impact Resistant Thermoform Technology

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