Zegul Kayaks

Zegul  Kayaks Performance/ Sea kayaks are playful, ultra-maneuverable, and deliver the
premium build qualityperformance and efficiency inspired paddlers demand.

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Zegul Kayaks

Zegul Kayaks

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to grab one of these exquisitely designed European Craft from Canada’s Zegul Kayaks Experts!

Performance Touring Kayaks

Zegul Kayaks

Zegul Marine Kayaks

Zegul Kayaks: Built to perfection without compromise! 

Zegul Kayaks originally developed in Sweden are now made by Estonia based Tahe Outdoors– Europe’s largest & most innovative kayak & kayak gear manufacturer.

Zegul Kayaks premium Aleut Greenland performance touring kayak designs are the perfect choice to satisfy everyone from dedicated newcomers to advanced paddlers seeking to combine exceptional performance with breathtaking beauty. Whether it’s paddlers who desire the whole breadth of sea kayaking from placid day trips, to Greenland rolling, to surf play, to ultra-efficient touring, Zegul kayaks empowers you to fulfill your wildest ambitions.

Zegul purchased Denmark based Arrow Kayaks in 2014 to further strengthen themselves as the world leaders in British and Greenland kayak style, innovation, and development.

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Layup Construction Details

Stunning quality is reflected in every single detail of Zegul’s A-Core, Rock Solid, and 3D C-Core construction processes. Using the most advanced vacuum technology and the finest materials available, they build the best weight/strength ratio kayaks in the industry.

A-Core Layup Construction:
This very versatile construction is built using vacuum technology ensuring the best weight/strength ratio. This material layup increases durability and stiffness of the kayak while absorbing even less energy during paddling and withstanding the most challenging environments.

All Zegul A-Core built kayaks are equipped with a sandwich reinforced keel area ensuring scratch and impact strength. Hull and deck are joined internally using both fiberglass and aramide (Kevlar) taping and externally with a very robust aramide taping. All decks are built in sandwich construction.

Rock Solid Layup Construction:
Zegul took Arrow Kayak’s developed Rock Solid construction and improved it even further. This layup takes the durability of fiberglass and combines it with impact resistance of Kevlar to provide paddlers with a ‘Rock Solid’ boat that can withstand significant wear and tear!

After discussion and testing another layer of glass/kevlar was added to make the laminate even stronger and stiffer. The positioning of the pure kevlar keel strip was modified for better results, and improvements were made to the outer finish of the keel strip for a smoother and more even result.

3D C-Core Layup Construction:
Kayaks built with this method are finished with a clear carbon hull, and a three-dimensional carbon fabric is utilized to provide even tougher and stiffer kayaks. This production method combines vacuum technology with high performance properties of special marine grade epoxy resin and several types of carbon fiber, carbon/aramide, and glass multiaxial fabrics. These kayaks are probably the highest quality carbon core built kayaks in the industry and more versatile than any other of its kind.

All Zegul 3D C-Core kayak decks are built out of sandwich construction and reinforced with carbon/aramide technology. 3D C-Core hulls use a full HD LRA core layup and are finished with a clear carbon hull with multiaxial weaves, which takes years of experience to be done correctly.

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