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Interior Cockpit Bag




Frontenac Outfitters

North Water Interior Cockpit Bag

The Interior Cockpit Bag from North Water keeps the deck of your kayak clear of clutter for a drier ride while providing storage for on-water essentials with easy access. 

As the name suggests, the interior cockpit bag mounts inside the cockpit for secure under deck storage with three installation options available:

  1. Attach it to the the rudder cable along the inside wall of your kayak
  2. SRB system with quick release buckles lets you glue the bag wherever like, while the buckles make it possible to remove afterwards – adhesive for SRB pads sold separately
  3. Nut & bolt system is required to attach the bag to polyethylene kayaks – Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware is sold separately 

The interior cockpit bag is sold in pairs and features a large #5 YKK zipper with two pull tabs running along the top from corner to corner. The front panel includes a meshed fabric section for easy drainage and quick drying after an upset. 

Specs: 14″L x 2.5″W x 6″H / holds 3.5 liters / weighs 350 grams

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