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Paddlewan Kids Kayak Paddle


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Adventure Technology Paddlewan Kids Kayak Paddle Review

The Paddlewan kids kayak paddle from Adventure Technology utilizes modern materials and construction methods to produce a quality kids paddle that is hard to come by in the industry. At only 26.5 oz. the Paddlewan is easily managed by your little one allowing them to make the most of their time on the water. 

The shaft of the Paddlewan kids kayak paddle is manufactured using fiberglass in order to improve strength without the added weight of aluminum. It features a narrow diameter making it easier to grip with smaller hands and includes a push-button ferrule system with 60 degree feathering options left and right. 

The Paddlewan kids kayak paddle features a smaller blade size at 426cm sq. to improve user-friendliness for kids and reduce fatigue. The blades are constructed with mold injected nylon and reinforced with fiberglass to further increase strength and durability.  

Note: The Paddlewan kids kayak paddle is available in straight shaft only with only the one blade size. 

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