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Tuga Adjustable Carbon SUP Paddle


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Tuga Adjustable Carbon SUP Paddle

Performance and versatility were the focus when designing the Tuga Adjustable Carbon SUP Paddle. Incredibly light and durable, this SUP paddle excels in flat-water and is suitable for racing and even SUP surfing.  

Constructed with carbon fiber and epoxy resin, the Tuga carbon adjustable SUP paddle only weighs 794 grams / 28 ounces. By combining a low, easy swing weight with an ergonomic hand grip, you’re able to paddle comfortably for longer periods of time. The efficient blade shape and size (7 7/16″) gives the right amount of power without experiencing joint-stress or excreting too much energy.

The Tuga carbon SUP paddle features a ‘click-and-stick’ ferrule system that is considered the most durable and resistant mechanism in the industry. Provides secure adjustment on the fly, while the shaft extends from 63″ – 83″ makes this paddle great for kids and adults alike.

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