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Rental Boats – Frequently Asked Questions

Kayak, Canoe & SUP Rentals

Rental Boat – Frequently Asked Questions



Do you really have new boats every year?
Yes, we’re proud of our business and the quality of the boats & gear we rent each season, and our customers really appreciate the vastly superior gear, convenience and expertise we provide.

Do we pick up Boat Rentals at Frontenac Outfitters or at Frontenac Park?
Canoe & kayak rentals are picked up at Frontenac Outfitters where paddling gear is properly fitted, paperwork is completed and payment is taken before proceeding the short drive to Frontenac Provincial Park’s Trail Centre.

How do we get rental boats to Frontenac Park?
Most people use our ‘FREE’ strap & block carry system to load rental boat(s) onto your vehicle. Our expert staff will show you how to efficiently and safely transport our boat(s), and it only takes a couple of minutes. This easy process enables you to choose your put-in and take-out points and your tripping time frame.

How do we get 2- Boats to Big Salmon Lake Launch?
Make 2 trips- pick your 1st boat and proceed to the Park’s Trail Centre. Leave someone there to register the group, while the group continues to the Salmon Lake Launch Site (SLLS). Drop off the 1st boat, pick up your 2nd boat, then stop at the Park Trail Centre to pickup the person who registered and then proceed to the to begin your trip.

Is Friday to Sunday considered a 2 or 3-Day Rental?
We rent by the Calendar Day. If your reservation is Friday – Sunday, it’s a 3-day reservation. However, if your reservation pick-up time on the Friday is for 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm, you are only charged at half the daily rate for that day. For instance, if you choose to rent a $50 boat from Friday – Sunday with pickup on Friday being 4:00pm, the price looks as follows: $25 + ($50 x 2) + tax = $125 + $16.25 (tax) = $141.25 Total

Lastly, if we reserve a boat for you with pick-up time being prior to 3:30 pm, you’re charged for a full-day rental regardless of when you actually arrive as we must HOLD the rental for the entire day.

Can we stay out for an extra day and pay upon our return?
‘NO’ a firm return date is required as it helps to ensure your safety. It also enables us to take other reservations based on your registered return date.

Can we take our rental other places?
Sure, just remember flat-water only. We do NOT rent for whitewater conditions!

How many people can we put in a canoe?
We love this question. It depends on variables such as weather conditions, trip length, the total carry weight, and most importantly your paddling skills. Our 16 & 16/6 and 17 ft. rental canoes are designed to comfortably carry two paddlers & gear for a week.

Note: Optimum load capacity for a 16′ Canoe is about 650- lbs, which still retains 6- inches of free board for safety reasons.

What about damages… who’s responsible?
That would be you! Everyone over 18- years of age must sign a liability wavier and release form, which clearly and legally states you the renter(s) are 100% responsible for our boats and gear, as well as your own safety. Open-end and customer signed damage deposit(s) are taken before rentals ever leave our property.

Do people ever get charged for damages?
Of course, but not that often as every customer is “schooled” on how to properly use & respect our boats and paddling gear before leaving. Damages charged are normally cases of complete neglect.

How can we avoid rental damages?
Thanks for asking. It’s easy, most damages occur when novice paddlers do 2- things incorrectly:

i) when customers ‘drag our boats’ in or out of the water


ii) when boats are ‘left in or partially in the water‘ to repeatedly bump against rocks

Accordingly ’ALL’ customers are educated Re: Correct Canoe, Kayak  & Paddle Board Rental Procedures prior to leaving with a rental, thus damages are avoided 99.9% of the time!

Can we Buy a Frontenac Outfitters rental canoe, kayak or SUP?
You bet, we sell half our fleet off on a 1st spoken for basis.

Where can we find more detailed info. on Frontenac Provincial Park?
Just go to our Tutorial section, scroll down until you find the heading Frontenac Provincial Park, or simply call us @ 1.613.376.6220 as we’re happy to help plan your adventure.

We trust this information has helped answer some potential tripping questions.
Please Be Safe & Enjoy Your Adventure With Us!