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Rental Kayaks For Sale

Frontenac Outfitters Rental Kayaks For Sale

EACH SPRING we begin fresh with BRAND NEW Quality Sea Kayaks and every Fall we SELL THEM ‘ALL’ regardless of their exquisite condition. IMPRESSED? You should be. Very few Outfitters offers such incredible kayaks for such LOW PRICES!

Frontenac Outfitters takes quality rentals to the next level by offering kayaks constructed from the innovative thermoform material. This means lighter boats to carry, faster and more efficient boats on the water, and a better overall renting experience for you! Our fleet is made up with boats from Delta Kayaks, Canada’s leading thermoform manufacturers. 

Rental Kayaks For Sale

Rental Kayaks For Sale – 2019 Models

Delta Kayaks 14 w/ Rudder

 Thermoform 45 lbs – MSRP = $2175 – Rental = $1750Savings = $425 – 1 Remaining – Learn More!

  • A versatile touring kayak with performance touring features that inspire paddlers of all skill levels. Perfect for those in the 140 lbs – 235 lbs range. 

Delta Kayaks 15.5GT w/ Rudder

Thermoform 49 lbs – SOLD OUT – Learn More!

  • A no-surprised touring kayak that handles virtually any type of conditions. Increased size over the Delta 14 improves fit for paddlers weighing 170 lbs – 250 lbs

Delta Kayaks 15s w/ Skeg

Thermoform 44 lbs – MSRP = $2380 – Rental = $1950Savings = $430 – 1 Remaining – Learn More!

  • The smallest boat in Delta’s performance touring series for those in the 115 lbs – 175 lbs range. Consistently one of the best selling kayaks we carry

Delta Kayaks 16 w/ Skeg

Thermoform 48 lbs – SOLD OUT – Learn More!

  • One of our best selling kayaks with a proven design for new paddlers and skilled. Caters to medium- to large-sized paddlers in the 140 lbs – 240 lbs range

Delta Kayaks 17 w/ Skeg

Thermoform 50 lbs – MSRP = $2595 – Rental = $2095 – Savings = $500 – 1 Remaining – Learn More!

  • Fastest, most efficient boat in Delta’s performance touring series. Larger design caters to paddlers weighing 170 lbs – 250 lbs

Delta Kayaks Traverse 17.5T (Tandem)

Thermoform 63 lbs – MSRP = $2895 – Rental = $2400Savings = $495 – 1 Remaining – Learn More!

  • The lightest performance touring tandem kayaks available perfect for couples, families, and extended trippers. 

Rental Kayaks For Sale – FAQ’s

Why does Frontenac Outfitters sell all your rental kayaks each season?

Kayaks, Canoes & Stand Up Paddle Boards is all we do and were proud of it! Selling them ‘ALL’ each season enables us to offer our customers NEW high quality Kayaks every year! Ask your friends & neighbours and you’ll be amazed how strongly they recommend purchasing a Frontenac Outfitters Rental or Demo kayak.

Why do your used rental & demo kayaks sell so fast?

Most retailers & outfitters vastly ‘OVER PRICE’ their well-used rentals. In contrast, OUR kayaks are lovingly cared for and used only a few short months. And after 32 years of doing it this way… words gotten round!

How do I speak for a rental or demo kayak?

Rental kayaks are available on a first come first serve basis. First after test paddling choose the make, model & boat number of your choice. Next provide us with a small $300 deposit to ‘HOLD’ your kayak purchase. Then together we choose a convenient Fall pick-up date.

How early can I speak for a rental kayak?

Any time! FYI: Our kayaks are often spoken for months before they even arrive by calling us at 613.376.6220.

Do you keep a waiting list after all rental kayaks for sale are spoken for?

Yes, names are added numerically to our waiting list in case some one cancels.

What happens with your remaining rental kayaks for sale at your Fall Sale?

You better ARRIVE EARLY as remaining rentals & demos are sold in minutes… don’t miss your boat!

When can I pick up my rental kayak purchase?

Pick-up dates are Sept. 5th (earliest) to Oct. 20th (latest) 2019 as our rental commitments allow.

What happens to my deposit if I back out of a rental kayak sale?

Deposits are 100% refundable up until August 31st. Those who cancel their rental purchase beyond Aug. 31st will forfeit their deposit.

Note: Prices are non-negotiable and 13% HST (Ontario Harmonized Sales Tax) must be added to the above listed prices

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