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Boreal Design Baffin T2 Kayak

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Boreal Design Baffin T2 Kayak Review 

New for the 2016 season, we welcome the Baffin T2 Kayak from Boreal Design! The Baffin series is a Greenland-inspired kayak that comes in three sizes – small, medium, and large – as well as three construction materials – polyethylene, thermoform, and composite (fiberglass, Kevlar, and carbon). With such a selection revolving around a single model, we decided to stock the one that offers the best blend of fit, function, and price: the Baffin T2!

As a Greenland style kayak, the Baffin T2 kayak is the perfect compliment to the Epsilon T200 for those desiring a skeg over a rudder. Being the mid-sized boat in the series, the Baffin T2 is suited for medium- to large-sized paddlers in the 140 lbs – 225 lbs range. Its larger cockpit and ample depth of the foredeck improves fit for those who carry their weight in the hips or those with long lengths and large feet. Furthermore, as a performance-oriented kayak you can grow skills with long term, it’s a good choice for the beginner who likes a challenge when starting something new, while intermediate paddlers will feel right at home in the Baffin T2 kayak due to its quality and aggressive design. 

The Baffin T2 kayak has been designed with big water performance in mind, so the rigors of rough seas, open flat-water crossings, and adverse conditions are a breeze. Its unique hull design provides a lively yet stable boat compared to other Greenland style kayaks. The reverse hard chine offers rock-solid stability for paddlers who demand immediate control and predictability, while the moderate vee hull and rockered bow improve responsiveness in waves or even surf.

The Baffin T2 kayak features three generously sized hatches (bow, stern, and rear day hatch) to load the amount of gear needed for extended expeditions, weekend adventures, or even leisurely day trips. The day hatch keeps your essentials handy and dry while on the water; the full deck rigging provides convenient and accessible storage for safety equipment; while the three sealed bulkheads offers positive buoyancy during a capsize and limits the amount of water to be drained upon reentry. 

Perfect for skilled paddlers but also a great choice for those wanting to start off on the right foot, the Baffin T2 Kayak is sure to inspire any who take it out on the water! 

Standard Features

  • Integrated Thigh Braces
  • Multi-Adjustable Drop Down Skeg
  • Recessed Bow Compass Mount (compass not included)
  • Bow & Stern Grab Handles 
  • Reflective Perimeter Lines 

Colours Stocked

  • Red
  • Yellow

Note: Colour chips coming soon for visual reference.

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  • Thermoform ABS ~ 55 lbs / 25.2 kg

  • Polyethylene P2 ~ 67 lbs / 30.5 kg

    Save $400.00
  • Polyethylene P2 ~ 67 lbs / 30.5 kg

    2016 Rental KayakONLY 1- Left!

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