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Delta CAT 10.5 Kayak

Frontenac Outfitters

Delta CAT 10.5 kayak Review

The Delta CAT 10.5 kayak  is a sit-on-top version of Delta's innovative series of catamaran style kayaks which also includes the sit-in Delta 10AR and the larger Delta 12AR.

The Delta CAT 10.5 kayak included Delta Kayak's new High-Back Seat System for even more comfort out on the water. The high-back seat system includes additional padding for even more comfort out on the water! You'll never want to be away from the water with the Delta CAT 10.5 kayak.

Its unique CAT-amaran style hull provides exceptional stability, tracking and surprising efficiency make it a breeze to paddle – whether on a lake, exploring narrow waterways or playing in waves at the beach. It's also an excellent choice for fishing or tendering from a larger craft. Another feature specific to the Delta CAT 10.5 kayak is the Sea View window that allows paddlers to explore the world below and above!

"In a world filled with cheap, heavy poorly designed sit-on-top kayaks, the exceptionally well-designed Delta CAT 10.5 kayak is a whopping 30% LIGHTER than its competitors – Great Job Guys!"

Standard Features

Delta Cat 10.5 Kayak

  • Hybrid Catamaran Hull for excellent stability, handling, and maneuverability
  • The "Sea View" window allows you to explore the world below and above as you paddle
  • Proudly made in Canada, the Delta CAT 10.5 kayak is constructed of the highest quality Solarkote Thermoform materials for superior abrasion resistance, glossy looks, and a weight that is 30% less than its competitors

Other Features Include:

  • Four molded in handles
  • Integrated footrests
  • Bungee deck rigging bow & stern
  • High-Back Seat System
  • Mini Hatch & Stern Tankwell
  • Generous mounting areas for angler accessories
  • Frontenac Outfitters is Delta Kayaks Original & Largest Dealer
  • The Delta Cat 10.5 kayak comes with a 3- Year Limited Warranty against defective materials or workmanship to the original owner

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  • Thermoform ~ 39 lbs / 17.7 kg


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