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Level Six SUP iSUP Twelve Six SUP Board

Frontenac Outfitters

Level Six iSUP Twelve Six SUP Review 

The iSUP Twelve Six from Level Six joins our line of stand up paddleboards. As the longest board in the inflatable series that also includes the smaller iSUP Ten Six and mid-sized iSUP Eleven Six, the iSUP Twelve Six features a performance-oriented design. The aggressively rockered nose helps improves its ability to handle waves, while the increased length provides a higher degree of tracking and efficiency.

Despite being narrower than the sibling boards, the iSUP Twelve Six retains stability due to the increased waterline. As such, it is ideal for beginners and intermediate riders alike who crave a faster, more efficient board for flatwater tripping and distance paddles. .  As an inflatable SUP, the iSUP Twelve Six is a cinch to transport! 

The planing-style hull and overall shape of the board allows it to be used in multiple ways such as paddling calm lakes, sheltered or open bays, and meandering rivers. That said, as it is longer and narrower, the iSUP Twelve Six is not overly responsive making it best suited for flatwater paddling as opposed to wave-riding or whitewater. 

Note: While the iSUP Twelve Six has a design similar to a touring board with a displacement hull, it features a planing hull as concaved or double-concaved hulls are not possible in an inflatable construction

But here’s the cool part, when you deflate the board it folds neatly into the carrying pack which can be easily stowed in your closet, a car, an airplane, or strapped onto your back if walking or hiking to your favourite paddling destination is preferred. 

Due to the nature of inflatable paddleboards, the iSUP Twelve Six is constructed using thick, durable PVC layers inside and out. Strong, nylon drop stitching is then used to put it all together making for a robust board that can take beating. Unlike composite boards, inflatables can be dropped, rammed into shore, or hit underwater debris without taking on damage. That in mind, should a puncture or tear occur, the iSUP Twelve Six includes a complete repair kit for an easy, reliable patch. 

The iSUP Twelve Six is a more efficient inflatable board for medium- to large-sized paddlers who want performance without jumping to a composite construction. Flatwater paddling (recreational or touring) is where this board excels, and its convenient package allows you to pop on the water wherever it can be found!” 

Standard Features

  • Durable Drop Stitched Construction 
  • Robust Inner / Outer PVC Layers
  • Nose Deck Rigging & Four Lashing Plugs 
  • Soft Foam Deck Pad / Standing Platform 
  • Centre Carry Handle
  • High Pressure Pump
  • Backpack Carrying Case
  • Repair Kit with Valve Handle
  • Centre Stabilizer Fin

Colours Stocked

  • Carolina Blue (dark)
  • Shoreline Blue (light)
  • Inferno Red

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  • Inflatable PVC with Nylon Drop Stitching ~ 25.5 lbs / 11.6 kg


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