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Tahe Reval HV Kayak 17/7

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Tahe Reval HV Kayak 17/7 Review

The Tahe Reval HV Kayak 17/7 is the largest volume kayak in their Reval Series which for us also includes the Reval Midi and Reval Mini LC. ‘HV’ stands for ‘High Volume’ so as you might expect this kayak was designed to best satisfy large to XL paddlers in the 180 to 250 lb range. The Reval HV suits all skill levels that may want to kayak efficiently for an hour or refine their skills with a lifetime quality craft.

Paddler Fit

The Tahe Reval HV Kayak has a long, wide, and deep cockpit to best accommodate larger paddlers and those who simply enjoy a little more wiggle room. The cockpit features a simple and robust low ergo style backband, a padded composite seat, and padded thighbraces that are perfectly situated. Easy adjust gravity style footbraces easily fit larger feet, and a sculpted foredeck better enables paddlers to comfortably maintain a low angle touring paddle stroke.

Kayak Efficiency & Maneuverability

Larger paddlers are often forced to sacrifice efficiency and versatility as their choice of quality sea kayaks is less than ideal. This means they’re often forced to choose from a selection of short, wide and poorly designed recreational and/or day touring boats and are left trying to keep up with everyone else in their long, skinny rocket ships. Accordingly, our testers were pleasantly surprised by the quick acceleration of the Tahe Reval HV Kayak to a comfortable touring pace.

The hull design incorporates a moderately rockered hull with an up-swept bow & stern that excels in challenging water conditions. Despite the aforementioned rocker, the Reval HV still maintains along waterline length to provide ‘tracking’ (the ability to paddle straight), which is superior to most crafts in its category. Even with the skeg up it is only prone to the slightest weathercocking. The Reval kayak Series’ soft chine has a definite secondary flat area midway along the side to create a stable, predictable platform for quick, responsive turns & confidence inspiring edging.

Kayak Stability

We rate the Tahe Reval HV kayak has having high initial stability due to the combination of its shallow/moderate Vee hull and long waterline. Secondary stability is also rated as ‘high’ due to the slight flattening of the chine (kayaks sides).

Kayak Roll & Rescue

The cockpit area is slightly longer, wider and deeper to better accommodate larger paddlers and ensure easy exits and reentries. The HV’s cockpit is simplistic and robust with the ergo style backband being the only adjustable feature. Padded thighbraces are well placed to achieve the good contact points necessary for long term skills development. The HV’s aft deck is low enough so as to ‘NOT’ interfere with layback rolls, and its flat nature makes an ideal platform for self-rescues and recoveries.

Kayak Touring

We rated the Reval HV’s gear carrying capacity as high (8.5 out of 10) as it easily accommodates everything but the kitchen sink on extended trips. Cruising speed is quickly achieved and is easily maintained even when fully loaded. Its up-swept bow & stern effectively shed water but expect a somewhat wet ride in rough water conditions.

"Larger paddlers REJOICE as you no longer have to settle for a boat that paddles 'like a sheet of plywood'. Tahe Reval HV Kayak 17/7 has got 'plenty of giddy-up' to get you to the very front of your kayaking group. Funny…, think I just heard a bunch of Yahoos!"

Standard Features

Hatches: The Tahe Reval HV Kayak has 3 composite, semi-transparent bulkheads with fibreglass seams and 3 VCP Style rubber hatch covers that are easy to use & are extremely watertight

Bow: round 10" / 24 cm
Stern: oval 17”x 10.25” /44 x 26 cm
Day: round 6” / 15 cm

Outfitting: Cockpit includes a multi-adjustable back band, padded seat pan and integrated composite / padded thighbraces.

Other Features Include:

  • Recessed deck fittings w' bungee lines
  • Reflective perimeter safety lines
  • Recessed bow compass mount
  • Recessed area for a pump or water bottle
  • Bow & stern carry handles
  • Stainless steel / tamper proof rear deck locking point

Note: You can choose your Tahe Reval HV Kayak with a retractable Skeg, or include both a  skeg and a 'gas pedal' style rudder

Colours Stocked

  • Yellow Deck / White Hull / Black Seam
  • Red Deck / Red Hull / Black Seam

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  • Outdoor (Fiberglass with Core Material) ~ 56 lbs / 25.5 kg

  • Outdoor Elite (Fiberglass / Kevlar with Core Material) ~ 52 lbs / 23.5 kg


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