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Tahe Reval Mini LC Kayak 16/1

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Tahe Reval Mini LC Kayak 16/1 Review

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to grab one of these exquisitely designed European Craft from Canada’s Tahe & Zegul Kayaks Experts!

The Tahe Reval Mini LC Kayak 16/1 (Composite) is simply a shorter, lower decked version of their immensely popular Midi 17/1. Specifically designed to fit small- to medium-sized paddlers the Mini LC satisfies a wide range of kayakers. Intermediate & advanced paddlers love its ability to thrive in every condition, while 'newbies' love its stability and the crafts potential for them to refine skills long term. Fast, efficient, and playfully maneuverable the Revel Mini LC is a quality lifetime performance oriented British style sea kayak that seemingly does everything extremely well.

Paddler Fit

The Tahe Reval Mini LC Kayak has a form fitting, simple, and robust cockpit. The adjustable back band and seat pan are padded. Sculpted thighbraces are padded and are correctly positioned to maximize contact points. Footbraces have an adjustable lever that is easy to reach. The foredeck's sides are contoured, which enables shorter paddlers to maintain a low angle paddle stroke comfortably.

The Tahe Reval Mini LC was upgraded with a multi-adjustable back rest in 2017 to further improve the paddler’s fit. The back rest is manually adjusted using a nut & bolt system that offers virtually unlimited customization. It takes some time to hone in your perfect fit and the back rest cannot be adjusted on the water. However, once you’ve got it placed exactly where it’s needed, you’ll appreciate the comfort that’s provided!

Kayak Efficiency & Maneuverability

The Reval Mini LC’s slender bow effectively cuts through the water and accelerates quickly to a very efficient touring pace. An up-swept bow and stern combined with moderate rocker enable the Tahe Reval Mini LC Kayak to confidently handle rough water conditions without sacrificing tracking.

The Mini LC tracks far better than most, even with the skeg up, and is only prone to the slightest weathercocking. Considered a soft chine kayak, the Mini has a definite secondary flat spot on the side, which creates a stable, predictable platform for quick responsive turns & endless edging.

Kayak Stability

Our test paddle team rated the Tahe Reval Mini LC Kayak as having the initial stability as high’ (7.0) due to the combination of its shallow Vee hull and its long waterline. Secondary stability is also rated as ‘high’ (7.5) due to the slight flattening of the sides.

Kayak Roll & Rescue

A feel of being “one with boat” is easily attained due to the contact points in the cockpit to ensure easy rolling. The back band relaxes so as not to interfere with rolls, wet exits, or entries. Unless your roll is 100%, we suggest custom installing a pair of Quick Release Self Rescue Straps to expedite paddlefloat reentry.

Kayak Touring

We have rated storage capacity at a ‘7.2’, which is about standard for a sea / touring kayak of its length and beam. Cruising speed is quickly achieved and is easily maintained even when fully loaded. Its up-swept bow & stern effectively shed water but expect a somewhat wet ride in big-water conditions.

"Our Test Paddle Team rated the Tahe Reval Mini LC Kayak with ‘4-Stars’ in virtually every category. Intermediate and advanced paddlers will love its performance & playfulness, while it should instill confidence in aspiring novice paddlers."

Standard Features

Hatches: Tahe Reval Mini LC Kayak has three composite bulkheads with fibreglass seams and three VCP Style rubber hatch covers that are easy to use & are extremely watertight.

Bow: round 10" / 24 cm
Stern: oval 17”x 10.25” / 44 x 26 cm
Day: round 6” / 15 cm

Outfitting: Cockpit includes a multi-adjustable backband, padded seat pan and integrated composite / padded thigh braces.

Other Features Include:

  • Recessed deck fittings w’ bungee lines
  • Reflective perimeter safety lines
  • Molded in bow compass mount
  • Sculpted foredeck
  • Bow & stern carry handles

Colours Stocked

Due to the unique colour schemes offered by Tahe, please contact us to discuss what's available in stock!

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  • Outdoor Elite - Kevlar w/ Core Material ~ 44 lbs / 20 kg

  • Outdoor - Fiberglass w/ Core Material ~ 49 lbs / 22 kg

  • TCI-Lite - Infused Carbon/Kevlar ~ 39 lbs / 17.7 kg


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