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Zegul Dufa 16/6 Kayak

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Zegul Dufa 16/6 Kayak Review

The Zegul Dufa 16/6 kayak is brand new for 2018 and is quickly becoming one our favourite boats!   

The Dufa is a playful performance touring kayak that offers a unique feel when compared to Zegul's well-known Arrow Play series. The hull shape features a hard chine with rounded edges to enhance responsiveness, while added room within the cockpit increases the paddler fit range.  

That said, the Zegul Dufa best satisfies intermediate to advanced paddlers in the 140 – 200 lb weight range.

Paddler Fit

Simplicity rules, which means don’t expect the ultra-cushy seat with lots of adjustments found in many North American boats. Instead, expect a well-thought yet Spartan seat system that thankfully has everything correctly placed.

The multi-adjustable and countoured back band improves the paddler's fit and provides excellent support while allowing a full range of motion. The back rest is manually adjusted using a nut & bolt system that offers virtually unlimited customization. It takes some time to hone in your perfect fit and the back rest cannot be adjusted on the water. However, once you've got it placed exactly where it's needed, you'll appreciate the comfort that's provided!

The keyhole-style cockpit may require long-legged paddlers slide in from the back deck, but the addition width improves comfort when seated. Padded thigh braces are well positioned and when combined with the easily adjustable foot braces sturdy contact points are achieved for skills progression.

Kayak Efficiency & Maneuverability

Responsive and nimble best describe the Zegul Dufa. Designed to be playful sea kayak, the Dufa is optimized for maneuverability and excels in challenging, big water conditions. Significant volume in the bow helps paddlers avoid broaching when riding large waves, and the rounded chines enable smooth transitions from edge to edge.

That said, the reduced rocker and sharp ends accentuate the kayak's waterline in order to improve efficiency and glide making it ideal for flat-water touring and short trips as well.

Kayak Stability

Despite being classified as having a hard chine hull, the edges have been softened to increase responsiveness. The result is a slight descrease in initial stability when compared to the Arrow Play series. However, secondary stability becomes more predictable for confident edging and controled turns.

Kayak Roll & Rescue

A slightly shorter cockpit may restrict some 'lanky' paddlers during re-entry. Accordingly, we suggest installing quick-release, self-rescue straps to make the process easy. The flat rear deck is a great platform for self and assisted rescues, while solid contact points and the smoother hull makes the Dufa roll naturally.

Kayak Touring

Due to the shorter length, cruising speed is achieved with some effort, but the low profile catches less wind, thus limiting any tendency to be blown off course. 

Recessed deck and perimeter lines are well positioned, and the four lightweight hatch covers with the mini foredeck hatch handy for your GPS, camera, and any personal items. However, at 16/6 and with less volume than the Arrow Play MV and Play HV, the Zegul Dufa does have some limitations in gear capacity. 

Standard Features

Hatches: 4 Kayak Sport hatch covers are watertight and are easy to take on and off and, and the comparments are seperated with composite bulkheads with fibreglass seams. 

Bow: round 10” / 24 cm 
Stern: oval 17” x 10.25” / 44 x 26 cm 
Day:  round 8” / 20 cm 
Mini-bow pod: 6” / 15 cm

Outfitting: Cockpit includes a multi-adjustable back band, seat pan, and integrated composite / padded thigh braces

Other Features Include:

  • Aramide/Kevlar seam
  • Retractable skeg system
  • Integrated keel strip (standard on Rock Solid layup only)
  • Exquisitely finished deck which includes recessed deck fittings and reflective perimeter safety lines

Note: Zegul Arrow Kayaks colour combinations are vibrant & complex so we suggest you call us for descriptions.

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  • Rock Solid - Fiberglass / Kevlar ~ 55 lbs / 25 kg

  • A-Core - Fiberglass ~ 51 lbs / 23.1 kg


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