Riviera Paddlesurf was born out of a family’s passion for paddleboarding and SUP surfing. Sharing that passion with Frontenac Outfitters brings two companies together to inspire people to live adventure filled, healthy lifestyles.

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Riviera Paddlesurf

Riviera Paddlesurf

Riviera Paddlesurf is a family-owned stand up paddleboard manufacturer established in Southern California in 2007. The brand is exclusive to SUP specific products only and uses premium designs built with modern manufacturing techniques and innovative technologies.

With a range of products from entry-level boards to premium performance SUP’s, Riviera Paddlesurf has something for every paddle. Whether you are a first-time paddleboarder or experienced rider, Riviera has a high-quality SUP to meet your needs.

Riviera Paddlesurf’s high performance stand up paddle boards are made in a variety of constructions from traditional EPS Foam, Fiberglass, and epoxy… to Heated/Pressurized molded boards, Carbon Fiber, Bamboo and Inflatable boards. They have the knowledge and experience to build high performance SUP’s, and apply top quality construction to meet the needs of the stand up paddler.

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