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Tuga SUP La Turista 12’6″ SUP

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Tuga SUP La Turista 12’6″ SUP Review  

Tuga SUP’s La Turista 12’6″ is a performance board that caters to medium- to large-sized paddlers, its return to our shop in 2017 was a must!  

The shape of the La Turista 12’6″ is the innovative offspring of a flatwater board combined with race board. The result is a displacement hull board with a touch more of width and a double concave bottom to increase its stability. The tail of the board has a unique shape that transfers the double concave hull into a single concave – this design improves glide and reduces drag as the displaced water is funneled out at the tail of the boat. The narrow nose section cuts through the water while its rails and hull design give it incredible user-friendliness!

This board caters to the more experienced paddler or aspiring beginner as its speed yet stable design invites you to take those longer, more daring paddles. Doing so will push your envelope every time you paddle encouraging skill development and efficient technique! 

The La Turista 12’6″ offers the best glide we’ve seen in a long time, and the board itself looks just as good as it paddles. A beautiful board with an unparalleled paddling experience!

The added length of the La Turista 12’6″ makes it a faster board than the smaller La Turista 11’6″ – it’s so quick that it can comfortably be used for racing and touring. However, there is a slight sacrifice to maneuverability and playfulness due to the increased waterline.

La Turista 12'6"The Canadian Owned Tuga La Turista 12’6″ is manufactured using an EPS foam core that includes a centre balsa wood stringer for rigidity. The core is wrapped with fiberglass and reinforced with a bamboo veneer to improve strength. Tuga SUP’s own TugaTech resin is saturated between each layer of fiberglass/bamboo with board being finished with a marine grade pain and graphic tape. 

Standard Features

  • Single Extra Long Fin to reduce the drag and aid stability
  • Paddle Bungee – an industry first!
  • Nose and Tail Cargo Bungees for gear storage
  • FCS GoPro Mount at the nose
  • Vent Plug for depressurizing when not in use

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To see the La Turista 12’6″ on Tuga SUP’s website, Click Here

  • Fiberglass / EPS Foam Core / TugaTech Epoxy Resin ~ 28 lbs / 12.7 kg


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