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Tuga SUP The Angler SUP

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Tuga SUP The Angler SUP Review

One of the first boards of its kind in Canada, The Angler SUP combines a performance-oriented design with the stability and outfitting anglers demand. Unlike most angling SUP’s, The Angler features a displacement hull more commonly found on touring boards. With a double-concave hull, the board is much faster and more efficient than any other SUP in its class, while the ample width and generous length help retain user-friendliness despite a streamlined shape. 

The Angler SUP offers a depth of 5.5″ with its 12′ length and 34″ width to provide a wide fit range for medium- to extra large-sized paddlers. Lighter riders may not achieve the desired control considering the overall volume of The Angler, but those in the optimum weight range will appreciate the stable yet confidence inspiring design

For additional control and stability, The Angler SUP features a five fin setup with a single centre fin and four thruster fins. Paddlers now have the ability to customize their board based on their preference for performance vs. user-friendliness.

Never before has a fishing board offered the speed, glide, and efficiency of a displacement hull while keeping the stable, confident features of planing SUP. There’s no disputing that when it comes to paddleboard fishing, The Angler SUP is the ultimate angling machine! 

Standard Features

  • Six Lashing Plugs at the nose – complete with Bungee Rigging
  • Four Lashing Plugs at the tail – complete with Bungee Rigging
  • Two Mounting Plugs for Fishing Stand accessory
  • Centre Handhold
  • Centre Vent Plug
  • FCS GoPro Mount at the nose
  • Bungee Paddle Park
  • Stern Stomp Pad
  • Five Fin Setup – Single Centre + Four Thrusters

Add-On Accessories

  • Fishing Stand – $200.00 upgrade
  • Multi-Purpose Cooler
  • Anchor System

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  • Fiberglass / Bamboo / EPS Foam Core / Duratech Epoxy ~ Est. 29 lbs / 13.2 kg


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