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Tuga SUP Yellow Tail 10’6″ SUP

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Tuga SUP Yellow Tail 10’6″ SUP Review 

The Yellow Tail 10’6″ is the ideal planing-style board for flat-water paddling. If we had to pick one word to describe the board it would have to be versatile as it accommodates every member of the family. Not only does it suit a variety of paddler sizes & weights, but it is also great for first time riders as well as experienced paddlers.

The Yellow Tail 10’6″ is a stable, easy to maneuver paddleboard perfect for those new to the sport. Likewise, the design of the board is optimized to provide better glide for the more advanced paddler – the three Futures Fins setup also offers that extra grip needed for those who want to play on the waves.

As the shorter board in the series that also includes the Yellow Tail 11’6″, the Yellow Tail 10’6″ has a higher degree of maneuverability with a slight sacrifice to tracking (willingness to go straight).

Due to its reduced length, the Yellow Tail 10’6″ suits small- to medium-sized paddlers ranging in weight from 90 lbs to 200 lbs . Despite the lowered optimum paddler weights, the board still has a huge fit range!

Simply put, the Yellow Tail 10’6″ is a great all-around board with maximized stability, user-friendliness, and surprising efficiency for a planing-style SUP – it’s hard to wipe the smile off your face after paddling one!

Yellow Tail 10'6"As it is tradition with Tuga SUP, the Yellow Tail 10’6″ is manufactured using 100% real bamboo and their own TugaTech Resin.

An EPS foam complete with centre, balsa stringer is used as the core of the board which is then wrapped in fiberglass with an added layer of bamboo. Between each layer, TugaTech resin is applied for stiffness and  unwavering bondage.

The board is then completed with a matte finish and a nature bamboo deck for beautiful aesthetics and the industry’s best strength / weight ratio.  Incorporating bamboo into the build is a natural way to reinforce the deck while making the board more eco-friendly as a synthetic layer of fibreglass is replaced with a natural component.

Standard Features

  • Single Centre Fin + Two Thruster Fins for improved stability and ‘grip’
  • Paddle Bungee – an industry first!
  • Nose Bungees for gear storage
  • FCS GoPro Mount at the nose to capture your paddling adventures
  • Ergonomic Centre Handhold for easy carrying
  • Vent Plug for depressurizing when not in use


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To view the Yellow Tail 10’6″ on Tuga SUP’s website, Click Here!

  • EPS Foam Core / Fiberglass & Bamboo Veneer / TugaTech Resin ~ Est. 25 lbs / 11.3 kg


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