Frontenac Outfitters Disclaimer: the ?Skill Level Guide? below is of a general nature ?ONLY? and is designed to help guide potential customers towards stand up paddle boards that may best suit their needs.

Family:Previous SUP skills not required. These stand up paddleboards accommodate numerous body sizes & shapes for a no surprises, user-friendly family paddle in protected waters.

Beginner: Previous SUP skills not required. These general purpose stand up paddleboards provide exceptional initial stability for a user-friendly paddle in normally sheltered waters.


Previous SUP skills are not essential.Designed to perform a specific function well (Surfing / touring). This type of SUP satisfies more aggressive, performance oriented paddlers who may chose to refine their skills for years. Perfect for day to multi-day paddling in more challenging conditions.

Intermediate to Advanced:

Prior SUP skills a necessity for most. Boards excel in specific areas (i.e. performance racing, surf, whitewater, etc.). Designed for the most aggressive & skilled paddlers or those that soon will be. Chosen for day to multi-day paddles in the most difficult water conditions